Your wedding day is a day of excitement and imagination not only for you and your partner, but also for your guests. Most couples want to talk about their day in the years to come and one way to ensure this is to surprise your guests at your Wedding ceremony

There are many ways to welcome your wedding guests. One of them is by having a personalized sign at the entrance. You can also have a personalized cake that says “Congratulations!” or a chalkboard that says “Welcome to the Wedding!”

Another way to welcome your guests is by having customized decorations in the room. You can have a custom tablecloth with your names and wedding date, customized napkins with your names, and custom centerpieces with flowers or candles in them.

The best way to welcome your guests is to create a personalized experience for them. Here are some creative ways you can make your guests feel special on your wedding day:

Invite with the Wedding Invitation Magazine


The importance of wedding invitations cannot be overstated. It is the first impression for any guest and the invitation sets the tone for the wedding.

There are many ways to make your wedding invitation special and unique, but here are some of the most creative invitations that we found:

– A puzzle with a clue on how to solve it in order to find out where the ceremony will take place

– A scavenger hunt

– A video invitation


– An interactive map with information about what guests should wear, who they should bring, and what they can expect from the reception.

Make a Surprising Entrance


Whether it’s the bride or groom, an ingenious arrival to your wedding day is a must. If not a happy couple, why not give your wedding party an interesting entry? We’ve seen dancing in the aisle in the past as well as all sorts of interesting transportation, such as decorated cars, horses, and vintage fire trucks. 


The simplest but most inspiring way you can show your guests that you care is to create a beautiful space for them with a beautifully spaced centerpiece on your table! Welcome them with a floral display and all sorts of fireworks and amazing things! You can use a floral wall, candlelight path or even have a simple table and flower decorated to welcome them.

Serve Delectable Welcome Drinks



What better way to greet your guests than with a refreshing drink? Set up a drink station at the entrance or get some Indian flavored drinks served at the entrance to give your guests a pleasant welcome at your wedding. Also, do not forget to add new and active ways of serving drinks at your wedding.

Greet them with Tilak

Add a cultural & ethnic touch to your wedding and welcome your guests by sprinkling a little rose water on their foreheads and spraying sandalwood on their foreheads. Sandalwood paste & rose water make for a great combo and have a spiritual value in Indian wedding scenes.


If physical invitations are too dangerous, keep them digital with email e-whites or a cleverly named private Facebook event. Include time, date, venue, dress code, RSVP contact information, and any other relevant details. Finally, remember to make it clear that this is a Surprise Party.