Fouad WhatsApp Download: It is a mod version of stock WhatsApp messenger which comes with a ton of advanced features that includes privacy & security feature, customization, app lock, and more. Even after the availability of other WhatsApp mods, Fouad WhatsApp is still the user’s favorite. As its developer frequently releases new versions that contain several new exciting features and enhancements.

At present, the features and interface that this application offering is no different than the current popular WhatsApp mod; GBWhatsApp. Only the package name and UI are different. Meanwhile, whether you use the popular GBWhatsApp or the Fouad WhatsApp, you will get the same features and benefits. So, today, I will provide you with a direct Fouad WhatsApp download link and also gonna guide you to get started.


What is Fouad WhatsApp?

Fouad WhatsApp is another WhatsApp mod that is developed by the FouadMODS developer. Its interface is very much similar to the stock WhatsApp Messenger and you won’t be able to recognize it until you see the Fouad Mods logo and its separate settings. The recent Fouad WhatsApp v9.30F has a lot of new changes and as per its latest changelog, new improvements and bug fix has been implemented.