Sleep is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. We spend almost 1/3 of our lives in bed, so it is worth paying attention to the conditions of our sleep. Many people focus only on choosing the right mattress or covering the windows with dark blinds. However, we should remember that pajamas are also an important aspect of good sleep quality. Let’s not miss it!

Satin or cotton pajamas?

Both cotton and satin pajamas have their pros and cons. The first of the materials absorbs moisture well and thus regulates body temperature. Short cotton pajamas will be a very good choice for the summer – however, it is worth making sure that material weight is not too heavy, such pajamas are better on colder days.

Satin is not a typical material, but a type of weave. It can therefore also be made of cotton – the specific arrangement of fibers makes the material very smooth and silky. It looks very elegant, especially in combination with a lace finish. It gives a pleasant feeling of coolness, which is very comfortable in the summer.

As a rule, however, good quality satin is more expensive. An alternative is polyester satin, but be careful – because it can cause allergic reactions for some people. The material itself is also not airy, but the loose cut can be responsible for the proper air flow while wearing pyjamas.

Classic cotton pajamas are a cheaper solution, but here too a lot depends on the specific fabric. Pajamas made of 100% cotton are also a premium solution.

So it all comes down to personal preference, season and many other factors. However, one thing is certain – pajamas are the right gift and clothing that always comes in handy!