Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular heating solution for both new buildings and older buildings that need to replace an old furnace.

Heat pumps, despite their increase in popularity in recent years, are based on phenomena known for years. Today, these solutions are so efficient that it is hard to find a more cost-effective way to heat your building.

How heat pump works?

But let’s start with the way a heat pump works. Well, unlike conventional fuels, they do not burn fuel, e.g. coal or gas. The heat pump is powered by electricity to transfer heat from another source (air or ground) to the building. And most importantly – the amount of energy “received” is greater than the amount used to power the pump.

The most powerful units can generate up to 5 kW of thermal energy from 1 kW of electricity, which is an absolutely phenomenal result. It is also worth mentioning the ecological importance of using this method of heating the house.

Price of heat pumps with assembly

There is no denying that the prices of heat pumps with assembly can be slightly higher than conventional heat sources. However, this is compensated by lower operating costs, and thus after some time (5-10 years) a heat pump will ultimately become much more profitable.

You should also know that in many countries there are programs aimed at subsidizing investments in heat pumps. This is due to the common desire of civilization to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and to limit climate change. Thus, by investing in a heat pump, we can definately feel much more ecological!

Adam Skrzyński, pompycieplaonline.pl