Play Edo takes imaginary play to the next level, with its Eco friendly, adaptable cardboard building bricks: the materials used to manufacture their corrugated cardboard are considered 100% recyclable and can be sent to any recycling facility to be made into renewable fibreboard liners and/or corrugated cased. Further, the materials are also biodegradable and will break down easily back into the environment.

Building blocks are fun, but unfortunately, they are often made from hard plastics & synthetic materials which are harmful to our environment & destined for landfills. 

Kids love creating objects from building blocks; however, they seldom can interact with this via role play. They desire a world of play they can enter; interact with. 

Introducing Play Edo with their eco-friendly, completely recycled; recyclable solution.

The Play Edo supersized Cardboard building bricks, bringing imagination; role-play adventures to life. 

Children can create cardboard pals, such as robots & crocodiles, and build themselves a fort, a cubby or even a castle. 

The possibilities are endless. 

Arriving flat packed, Play Edo bricks are incredibly strong, easy to assemble, eco-friendly, engaging, and ready to be customized. 

Coming in single or double brick sizes, the bricks are made from high-quality micro corrugated

cardboard; available in classic Havana or Icy White.

Available in brick packs of 25 or 50. 

The Play Edo range also provides ready-to-play kit solutions which include: 

Safari – to create a crocodile, or a giraffe or a rhino 

Friends – robot buddies, scientists or just friends 

The Enchanted Fort – a play fort 

The Dragon Fortress – a larger scaled fortress

The Snowy Castle – a full, child sized castle 

Ideal for ages 3+ 

The Play Edo bricks were designed with the basis of the Montessori and STEM learning methods in mind, allowing the child to lead in self-directed activity, with hands-on learning and a collaborative play approach.

To view the complete range, visit our building blocks official website 

Play Edo is all about Fun, Imagination & Discovery. 

When you Play Edo, you Play Eco.