skf linear bearing fine harm treatment method:


1. The tumbling sound of skf imported linear bearings needs a sounder. The size and sound quality of the tumbling sound of skf imported linear bearings in the operation are checked.


2. The inspection items in the operation include: tumbling sound, vibration, temperature, lubrication and so on of skf imported linear bearings.

3. For the temperature inspection of skf imported linear bearings, the temperature outside the bearing surface can be estimated. If the oil hole can be used to directly measure the temperature of the bearing outer ring, it is more suitable. Generally, the temperature of skf imported linear bearings rises gradually with the beginning of the operation, and reaches a stable situation after 1-2 hours. The normal temperature of the bearing is different due to the heat capacity, heat dissipation, speed and load of the machine. If the lubrication and equipment department is appropriate, the temperature of skf imported linear bearings will rise sharply and present abnormal high temperature. At this time, it is necessary to interrupt the operation and adopt the necessary preventive measures. Because the temperature is affected by lubrication, rotational speed, load and environment, the median value in the table only represents the approximate temperature planning. The thermal sensor can detect the operating temperature of the bearing at any time, and complete the active alarm when the temperature exceeds the specified value or intermittent to avoid the outbreak of the burning shaft incident.


4, skf imported linear bearing vibration harm to the bearing is very active, such as shedding, indentation, rust, cracks, wear and so on will be reflected in the bearing vibration measurement, so, after the selection of special bearing vibration measuring device (frequency analyzer, etc.) can measure the size of the vibration, after the frequency can not infer the specific situation of the abnormal. The measured value is different because of the application conditions of skf imported linear bearings or the orientation of sensor equipment, so the measurement value of each machine needs to be analyzed and compared in advance to determine the discrimination standard.


The effect and importance of skf bearing smoothness and its components are analyzed briefly


skf bearing is an important mechanical part. The function of a mechanical equipment to give full play to depends on whether the smoothness of skf bearing is appropriate. It can be said that smoothness is a necessary condition to ensure the normal work of skf bearing, which is to improve the bearing capacity and service life plays an important role.


Because of the excessive tumbling of the tumbling parts, the skf bearing smooth agent withstands durable mechanical pressure, and especially in the high temperature, humid or polluted environment for a long time, the chemical properties of the smooth agent will be changed. These will cause the smooth mass to divide down. Therefore, it is necessary to be punctual to re-smooth skf bearings. Period by working conditions.


skf bearing models are complete, in fact, there are two kinds, nothing more than rolling skf bearings and sliding skf bearings. In comparison, sliding skf bearings are higher than sliding skf bearings in terms of size, sensation, noise and price.


The primary effect of smoothing agent on skf bearing components:


1. Conflict control: Add smooth oil between conflict surfaces to form photosynovial film, reduce the direct touch between metal surfaces of conflict surfaces, and then reduce the conflict coefficient, conflict resistance and power consumption.


2, reduce wear: conflict between the surface has a certain strength of smooth oil film, can withstand the load, avoid or reduce the metal surface of the direct touch, and then can reduce the plastic deformation of the touch surface, melting welding, shearing and rebonding adhesive wear of different degrees.


3, cooling and cooling: the smoothing agent can reduce the conflict coefficient, reduce the heat of the conflict.


4, sealing barrier: smooth oil, especially smooth grease, is covered in skf bearing conflict surface or other metal surface, can prevent the touch of moisture, moisture and other harmful media and metal, and then reduce corrosion and wear, avoid rust, maintain the metal surface.


5, reduce the oscillation: the smooth agent can shock the oscillation mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, to reduce the impact of noise absorption.



Various solutions to SKF bearing high temperature problems!


In the face of the sudden rise in temperature of SKF bearings, the following operations are generally required. First, the water pressure of cooling water, water flow and piping system are normal; Second, look at the oil level of smooth oil, because low oil pressure may make the hydraulic valve closed, and finally look at whether the smooth oil is bad. The following is the analysis of the reasons leading to the rise of SKF bearing temperature.


Let’s first look at the impact of temperature on imported bearings. High temperature often shows that SKF bearings are in abnormal condition. High temperature is also harmful to the bearing smooth agent. Sometimes bearing overheating can be attributed to the bearing smooth agent. If the SKF bearing in the temperature beyond 125for a long time even transfer to reduce the SKF bearing life. The causes of high temperature bearings include: lack of smooth or excessive smooth, smooth agent. It contains impurities, excessive load, SKF bearing damage ring, lack of clearance, and high friction of oil seal and so on.


Improper refueling amount:


Too little or too much smooth grease. The bearing box shall be refueled regularly according to operation requirements. Sometimes there will be high temperature after bearing refueling, mainly because of too much refueling. At this time, the phenomenon is that the temperature continues to rise, and after reaching a certain point (generally about 10~15higher than the normal operating temperature) it will remain unchanged, and then it will gradually decline.


The grease added to the bearing does not meet the requirements or is polluted:


The selection of smooth grease is not appropriate, it is not easy to form a uniform smooth oil film, which can not reduce the internal conflict and wear of the bearing, the lack of smooth, and the bearing temperature rises. When different types of oils are mixed, chemical reactions may occur, resulting in deterioration, caking, and decline in smoothness. Oil pollution will also increase the temperature of the bearing, and dust will fall into the process of adding oil, forming oil pollution, leading to the deterioration of the oil inside the bearing box, damaging the smooth bearing and increasing the temperature. Therefore, appropriate grease should be selected, bearing boxes and bearings should be cleaned during maintenance, and refueling pipelines should be checked and dredged. Different types of grease should not be mixed. If other types of grease are replaced, the original grease should be cleaned first; Grease should be added regularly during operation and maintenance. The grease should be properly kept and protected against moisture and dust.


The regular measurement of SKF bearing temperature can be made by means of thermometers, such as digital thermometers, which can accurately measure the temperature of SKF bearing and show in fixed units according to the temperature of ° C or Fahrenheit. Important bearings mean that when they are damaged, the shutdown of the equipment will be formed, so this kind of SKF bearings should preferably be equipped with temperature detectors.

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