Here are a couple of handcrafted Christmas gifts ideas which you can buy from Handmade Sofia Craiova, Romania.

Personalized mugs: Christmas decorated mugs in all kind of shapes and colors. You can choose from mugs decorated with Christmas wreaths, snowman, Santa Claus, Christmas magic star, teddy bears or even little cute gnomes.

Cani personalizate Craciun

All Christmas decorated mugs are handmade with love and care in our workshop from Craiova, Romania. We do ship them world-wide.

If Christmas decorated mugs are not in your style, you can also look at our personalized mugs collection by profession: we have mugs for Chefs, teachers, doctors, nurses, dentists, librarians and even truck drivers. Don’t hesitate to search in our catalogue for great gift ideas.

cani personalizate profesor, medic, educatoare, invatatoare, bucatar

We also have some special gift ideas for kids too. Just look in this collection.

cadouri personalizate copii

If you want to surprise your girlfriend or wife with a unique gift, then don’t hesitate and search in our store for handcrafted jewlery, like earrings, necklaces or hair accesories.

cercei coliere bijuterii mireasa

If you want to offer a gift that triggeres memories, then you can pick a handcrafted photo frame from our wornderful collection.

rame foto personalizate