There are lots of virtual assistants online that are looking for clients, some of them have had lots of clients that never returned.

Do you want to join that crowd, or do you want to stand out? 

To stand out, you need to master a virtual assistant’s soft and hard skills. In addition to that, learn your duties and how to discharge them efficiently.

Soft skills will make your clients at ease with you, they will always have a pleasant experience with you. This will keep them coming back for more of your services. 

Hard skills are the skills that will attract clients the moment they see your profile or resume.

They are your abilities as a virtual assistant, hard skills cover your qualifications and expertise in any field. 

Knowing your duties will also help you to carry them out properly. When you understand that you lack a certain skill that is required for you to carry out your duties effectively, you try as much as possible to upgrade your skills.

This will keep you relevant to your company/client at all times. 

So, in addition to your expertise, acquire the virtual assistant’s soft skills, because no one would like to work with a virtual assistant that has an attitude problem.


It will only make their work harder for them. Remember, you are meant to make their work easier for them.

However, if you are new to making money online, you ought to know about freelancing in general before you niche down to being a virtual assistant.


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