By the observation made, the demands for fertility specialists and embryologists  in  India,  in which they should  be well  trained and qualified to become a specialist or a doctor,  IIRRH  platform created  many  infertility training  courses. It offers  Msc in Clinical embryology  which  is one among  the  infertility courses. International Institute of Research and Reproductive Health is the best choice for  the  students  because  they  could provide  many  training courses  for  the  students  who are willing  to enroll for infertility course and  build  their  career  as  infertility  specialist so that   they  could  serve  as a specialized  doctors  in  treating  infertility.  IIRRH  is  erudition   institution  which  was  ingrained  with  the  delegation  to train clinicians and scientists in the interest of progressive understanding of  human  reproduction, infertility and  feto maternal  medicine.

Dr. Kamini Rao has been training the future ART, OBG clinicians  embryologists  and scientists  while  concomitantly reaching  out  to improve  our  understanding of the leading developments in the  field  of  reproductive   medicine.  This  Institute  is  affiliated to VIT university, NITTE  university, Rajiv Gandhi university as well as Bangalore  university  for  PhD  in reproductive  medicine.

Also Certificate  courses  and  short  term  training  courses  in  subjects such as clinical  ART, embryology   and  obstetric   ultrasound  cater  could  also  be  provided  to  the  requirements of  the  sedulous  expounder.

IIRRH   was  invented  in  the  year 1999,  and  since  then  has  grown  to  be in the middle of the country’s to ranked  academy  for  erudition  and  training  in  reproductive  medicine.

International  Institution of  Research and Reproductive Health affords  post-doctoral fellowship degrees for the clinicians who are interested in  reproductive  medicine  and  maternal  fetal  medicine.  Doctorate  strategies  could also be provided by IIRRH for clinicians and scientists and embryologists.