People who have not lived in an English-speaking country since birth are aware that English is a global language and it is worth knowing it. It is for this reason that in most countries the emphasis is placed on learning English from an early age. However, nothing stands in the way of starting learning a foreign language at any time in your life!

What are the benefits of knowing the English language?

It is estimated that more than 2 billion people around the world speak English, and almost a quarter of them are native speakers. There is no denying that knowing English when being abroad is a great help. However, even on the Internet, we gain access to a much wider database of information and often of better quality content.

Traveling with knowledge of English

Knowing English makes it easier for you to move around countries you don’t know. In most strategic places, e.g. at airports, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, English translations and announcements may appear. Even a basic knowledge of specific words and phrases will therefore help you navigate these places better.

Access to global information and materials

We have already mentioned that by knowing English, we can access better information. The english version of Wikipedia is the best example of this – in less popular languages there is usually much less information on a given topic. You can also watch the english version of youtube, as well as enjoy a deeper participation in the series – the voice of the actors will not be disturbed by voice-overs or subtitles.

Better employment and higher earnings.

Facilitating everyday life and travel is one thing, another is the labor market, which is becoming extremely global. Thus, in many positions, especially those with better pay, knowledge of English at least at a good level is required. Especially programmers should have this competence.

The better you know the language, the earning opportunities are even greater – especially when your dream is to immigrate to an English-speaking country.

Adam Skrzyński, Founder of Effective English.