Having a baby is one of the most exciting new adventures anyone can experience, and amongst the numerous books you will be given to study and classes you will be encouraged to attend, one much more exciting and less daunting project is getting your baby’s nursery room ready.

So, with that being said, here are four excellent and different ideas for decorating and designing a themed nursery.

1.    Scandinavian Tranquility

The first idea for decorating your new baby’s room is entirely geared towards peace, tranquility, and mindfulness, both for you and your baby, and follows a simple and clean Scandinavian décor.

Creating a Scandi-ambiance is simple and indeed, additionally, incredibly cost-effective and involves pure whites, soft creams, and splashes of neutral colors, such as browns and greys. To make the nursery appear as a baby’s room too, ornate and beautifully placed ornaments naturally geared towards woodland animals in style are the perfect finishing touch.

To create a Scandinavian design aesthetic for your baby’s room, you could also consider including one or more of the following:

  • Wooden furniture
  • Dream catchers and wind chimes
  • Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
  • Bunny rabbit mobiles above the cot

2.    Parent & Child Together

As much as you and your partner would like to think that your newborn baby is already far more intelligent and responsive than the majority of other babies, the fact is that however beautiful the decorations and ornaments in the nursery are, your baby will never remember them.

Due to this, one option for the nursery is to instead focus on parent and baby interaction, with the addition of an adult bean bag lounger in the same colors as the rest of the décor. This way, you can spend time with your baby nursing and cuddling and can sleep in the same room when they are sleeping, which is important in the first few weeks and months.

3.    Forest Creatures

If you are familiar with the classic 1980s tv show, ‘Animals of Farthing Wood’, then channeling this aesthetic in your newborn baby’s room is one of the sweetest, and indeed, most beautiful, ways of theming the space.

If not, essentially, the idea is to educate and immerse your baby’s senses in a natural woodland vista and, believe it or not, a study conducted by the University of Washington in late 2019 concluded that exposing babies to such themes can encourage a natural affection for the environment and the natural world.

4.    Weather

The fourth more unique and adventurous suggestion for decorating your nursery room is to embrace the weather patterns, ranging from stormy nights to calm sunny days and either hand-paint or else hire a painter and decorator to create beautiful montages on the wall.

In addition to the artwork, you can also search both the internet and the high street to find appropriately themed décor and ornaments to coincide with the theme of weather, such as sunshine clocks, cloud-patterned bedding, blankets, and cushions with different types of weather emblazoned on the front.