Are you making promoting your business a priority? Or is it right at the bottom of your priority list…something you’ll get to when you have time? In today’s business world we all know we have to make the most of each part of our business in order to succeed. So why therefore do so many of us leave marketing to the last minute or don’t give it the priority it deserves, preferring to save money in this area when this could be the key to your success? Successful companies understand the importance of making marketing one of their highest priorities, not just on a one off basis when they launch, but maintaining a consistent presence in this highly competitive market. You cannot and should not live with a “hope for the best” marketing strategy with an advert here, a flyer there. Your marketing has to be planned and consistent in order to capture your client market and keep them with you and by creating a good synergy i.e. If you can coordinate your efforts you will get more out of your initiatives and from the money you spend.

How you Market your product is key in today’s business world; if you study the success of the big players they have understood this and invest in their marketing. By examining and using the correct marketing tools and strategy for their businesses, they have created worldwide brands. The only difference between them and your company is their consistent use of marketing. And even if your intention is not to become a world wide brand, in order to promote and sell your product in your “world” your marketing still has to be out there and be consistent in the place and areas you work in.

Somehow though despite all the knowledge we have, many companies seem to believe that they can get away with not investing in marketing, choosing this area to “save a few pennies”. But in truth it’s a very false economy, belittling the value of correct branding and maintaining a corporate look, coordinating their efforts in a business plan sadly costs them many potential new clients, repeat business and therefore their growth and the prosperity they are so hoping for.

Many think that Marketing and branding is only about reaching and getting new clients in. But it is also about branding, about staying in people’s minds, continuously reminding your market that you are there and that you should be their first choice.

3 essentials for creating solid marketing that lasts:

1. Consistency. Keep going and going and going, never stop! Even if you are going through some “tighten our belts” times, in order for your company to be successful you should always be doing marketing in one way or another. If planned it can be done within a reasonable budget that will still make the necessary impact.

2. Synergy: Extremely important. Coordinate all your marketing efforts. There is no point in doing a little here and a little there. Before you begin make sure you have a plan – and stick to it. (Think: If you were going to war would you do it without having a complete overview of all your resources and having a strategy?)

3. Corporate branding: a buzz word? But it is an important concept! You need to get people to know your brand by having a consistency in your look and your logo and even the way you say things – this enhances the message you are trying to get across in your marketing efforts.

3 things not to forget when you have created a marketing campaign that is working:

1. Do you live up to your promises? Be what it says on the tin. If, for example, you say in your marketing material that you pride yourself on customer service, make sure that your staff loves serving your customers. It sounds obvious and simple but there are many companies that can get carried away with marketing rhetoric without ensuring that they are truly representing the company. If this point is overlooked the new potential clients could leave before they even get past your receptionist.

2. Is your company ready for success? Crazy thought, but are you ready for success? Are your staff ready to go, enthusiastic and ready to receive and work on the leads that you are now attracting?

3. Where are your leads coming from? When that new client contacts you, remember to make a database about this information that is used by all your employees. This database is a wonderful tool for you to use to review your marketing efforts and adjust where necessary. It will mean a sharper more focused marketing plan.

These are just a few of the things to consider when you are planning your marketing – and the added benefit is that most of this can actually save you money! If you have a plan and then keep to that plan you know where you are going and that means you are not as easily lured by advertising sales people and you won’t find yourself “impulse-shopping”. And by controlling the feedback of your marketing, you’ll make sure to know what decisions were fruitful and those that weren’t, making sure you won’t make any costly mistakes twice.