The world we live in today has come a very long way than it was for our ancestors. Most likely, some of those ancestors would tell us that we have it easy by comparison to the world they were living in.

If we consider the advances in technology from their time to ours, we would most likely agree with some of that way of thinking. Too many people today have it easy and they do not live as good quality of life in the sense of health and fitness as those of in the past. The foods and beverages we consume today are not as healthy as those more natural as they were in the past. However, these 7 keys to better health and fitness can be most beneficial to us.

Reduce Stress

This modern world carries its own challenges when we consider the influences of stress. It can negatively influence the way we feel, the way we act and the way we look. It can lead to eating and digestive problems that carry their own risks. It can cause skin problems and irritations as well as other problems. It is vital that we do what we can to reduce stress in our lives.

Exercise is Essential

Unless you are making a point of getting the right amount of exercise incorporated into your regular routine, you may not be getting enough or the right types of exercise to keep your body healthy and fit. In the past people had to get out and work the earth when they wanted to keep eating, drinking and living. These modern times has brought with it a forgetfulness of tilling the land to live. People today are a bit lazier than those of the past, even the children. Exercise of the mind and body is essential for keeping the body healthy and fit.

Get Plenty of Sleep

With the advancement of lighting and modern nighttime pleasure activities, many individuals and families are not getting the proper amount of rest and sleep to keep the body in the best of health and fitness. Lack of sleep hinders muscle development and offers calories the opportunity to turn to fat rather than muscle. You can get plenty of sleep by sleeping seven to eight hours nightly.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat a Sensible Diet

If you drink plenty of water and eat a sensible diet you will look and feel more healthy and fit. You should be drinking the recommend amount of water and avoiding all the unnatural methods and ingredients in the process foods and beverages in this modern world.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

You can take a big negative load off your system when you reduce alcohol consumption, since it contains so very many calories as well as sugars that can pose health problems as well as making you look and feel bad after wards.

Stop Smoking

Many people began smoking at a young age with the impression that it would make them appear to be suave, sophisticated and cool. Now many of them know they were wrong and even sorry to have begun such a nasty smelly and now expensive habit. Do yourself a favor, do not start to smoke and if you already do, then stop smoking.