You are about to learn how to really explode your profit margin in your MLM business using modern MLM strategies, tips, and techniques. Marketing Affiliate products and services is the key to growing and sustaining a true network marketing business. Some of the things discussed will be the origin of affiliate marketing, exactly what affiliate marketing means and the future wave of Affiliate marketing in the network marketing industry. You should always look to receive the best information from those who look to provide it for you and today I want to illustrate how Affiliate Marketing can explode your network marketing business.

Origin of Affiliate Marketing

Before I go any further I would like for you to know how important it is for you to first learn the history of any industry. By doing so, you allow yourself to comprehend exactly the thought process of why it was created and how it evolved. So as I explain here shortly some of the origins of Affiliate Marketing I do not want you to lose focus on the purpose and intent for explaining how you can become a MLM Rockstar by participating in Affiliate Marketing.

Marketing via affiliate links was invented years ago in the beginning stages of the adult pornography industry. Basically these adult sites would pay people to refer others to watch their videos. It wasn’t until 1994 when the first non-adult pornography site developed a “BuyWeb” program, which was the first “click-through” affiliate marketing service. Since that time Affiliate marketing has grown to be one of the most underrated ways of generating income in MLM. In fact, many people in MLM are totally unaware of the benefits of Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate commissions are the #1 e-commerce income stream on the web. Today, 20% -30% of the affiliate industry is through physical products such as electronics, clothes etc. The remaining portion of the industry involves selling “targeted products” which enhance your business by promoting their product, service or site. The marketing of Affiliate products and services has come a long way and is now allowing average individuals the necessary income to sustain themselves as they look to grow their Network Marketing business.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Marketing Affiliate products is simply the promoting of another person’s products online and in return you are awarded a commission for each sale that you make. Your website acts just like if it were a sales person, earning a nice commission when someone buys a product based on your recommendation. Simple huh? Yet very, very UNDERRATED. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to begin to generate cash-flow and profit online.

Affiliate Marketing has become the lifeline of the network marketing industry. Especially when it comes to marketing online. There are many affiliate products and companies out there for you to refer people too. However, you want to make sure you choose the right affiliates to link up with so that you maximize your commissions. Only 14% of the population in America are knowledgeable of Marketing as an affiliate. Therefore, to see the influx of people, including myself, who are now making tons of money off of such awesome affiliate products is superb. Here are a few reasons why Affiliate Products are beneficial to those in MLM:

1.) No products to purchase

2.) No stock/inventory involved

3.) No fulfillment of orders

4.) No customer support needed from you

All you are required to do is simply refer people and get get paid a commission after the sale.

The Future of An Affiliate?

This is truly how I and all of the heavy hitters who are in Network Marketing sustain and continue to grow our income. See most network marketing “distributors” think OF the marketplace, such as passing out flyers, email blast, as oppose to from the marketplace- the network marketing industry…PERIOD. You want to make sure you position yourself as an “entrepreneur” and not a salesman for your MLM company.

I generate more profits via affiliate marketing than most reps in network marketing receive monthly. Affiliate Marketing is how you truly can generate a substantial amount of up-front cash, as you look to create residual income in your MLM business.

I recommend only the TOP Affiliate products and services. Once you decide and begin to market Affiliate products, you will see a sudden spike and swift increase in your MLM profit margins. Your future is totally dependent on whether or not you are going to really learn “modern” marketing techniques so that you may advance and excel to higher heights in Network Marketing.