It’s not hard to create an Amazon account, but you need to meet the requirements and provide accurate information. However, users may encounter Amazon inauthentic appeal errors. What is the cause of this condition and how to deal with it? The article below will introduce you to the most useful information.

Amazon inauthentic appeal – What is the cause? 

Users who want to sell on Amazon need to create a personal account. However, if in the process of use you see the system displaying the message “Your account has been suspended” means that the right to sell your products and ASIN is disabled. So what’s causing Amazon’s inauthentic appeal? 

Errors in setting up andining an Amazon account 

Sometimes the wrong way you set up and maintain an account also causes system errors. Some of the most noticeable manifestations of this condition are: Using multiple browsers to log in to a personal account. 

Your account may have been suspended due to incorrect settings

  • Create an Amazon account multiple times on the same computer. 
  • Using a network source that created an Amazon account to create another personal account is also causing an Amazon inauthentic appeal
  • You violate Amazon’s policy to use your registered information to continue creating an account or to purchase non-authentified information for use. 
  • Changing your Payoneer account or credit account will also cause Amazon to suspect your account is in trouble and proceed to suspend the account.

Account suspended due to low performance 

The second reason why your Amazon account cannot be authenticated is due to low performance. The system always has special policies for tracking, monitoring sellers. If your trading is inefficient, below the prescribed limit, your account will be on Amazon’s suspended list. 

The account was suspended due to low performance

Seller’s Amazon business performance is determined by certain indicators. These are cancellation rates, defective supply rates, compensation claims, feedback rates, LSRs, customer refund rates, customer care and delay rates. Sellers can change shipping times but not in violation of Amazon’s regulations. 

Infringement of Amazon’s sales policy

Amazon understands that when a seller violates a sales policy, it negatively affects the performance and credibility of an e-commerce platform. Therefore, if you violate the rules, your account will be penalized to varying degrees, even an Amazon inauthentic appeal. Therefore, accept the regulations and update your account information regularly.

Seller who doesn’t comply with Amazon’s policy will be suspended

Products sold without a license 

Amazon has provided sellers with lists of restricted or licensed products on the site. So if you deliberately sell the products on this list, the risk of your account being suspended is very high. Some of the unlicensed products are sharp objects, chemicals, functional foods, malware, alcohol, tobacco, drugs… 

A few cases of intentional creation of multiple virtual accounts for unauthorized trading. Products that come from an unknown source, make predictable profits but can’t help you maintain long-term revenue. No buyer will want to buy from a low-quality seller. There are instances where Amazon hasn’t been able to lock your account, so the buyer has filed a complaint to denounce the account of an unreliable seller. 

Where should we choose the Amazon appeal process? 

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The reasons for Amazon inauthentic appeal have been revealed in the article above. If you’re in a similar situation and don’t know what to do, contact Amazoker. The website will help you with detailed information, fast unauthenticated account fixing and a good price.