For many of us in sales, we were taught to provide excellent service to our clients while providing our services at a reasonable fee. We had to be knowledgeable in what we sold and we had to be able to answer any question that our clients presented to us. The clients used us as their knowledge base.

They also used other means of obtaining information, such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau), they researched the various consumer reports and magazines and they communicated with family and friends to validate the information that the sales person provided. If the sales person succeeded and passed the test, they normally won the sale.

Things have changed. Today, the consumer reaches out to the internet and obtains a vast wealth of information. Most of the information is valid and informative. The consumer still speaks with family and friends; however now they use the social networking sites to obtain insights and reads reviews online about the various products and services. The consumer today is much more informed and they know how to obtain the information that they need to make that buying decision.

The sales professionals that win in this new market are the ones that provide information about their product with open arms. This is called Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing can be successful in just about any business model. From selling shoes to furniture; to insurance to homes and loans, the process is about the same.

Attraction Marketing delivers quality information to the consumer BEFORE they buy. They are offered information about the product or service that they want to buy and explore various means of information. The sales person or company that best delivers the required information and stays in contact with the prospect are the ones that normally win the business.

Attraction Marketing is not pushy or “in-your-face”; it is a simple and detailed methodology of delivering information to the consumer. When used properly Attraction Marketing will grow your business and the sales person or company will grow and be rated as an expert in their field by the consumer. The consumer will post their finding on their social networking sites and will post comments on the company’s websites and/or blogs. Todays’ consumer is very interactive with the sales process.

Attraction Marketing allows the experts of their field educate their prospects to success. Consider Attraction Marketing for your business. You will be glad that you did.

Karen Jones is a freelance writer, a blogger, a SEO Marketing Instructor and has developed her own marketing program for realtors. She takes pride in providing free training resources to assist online marketers, MLM’s and affiliate marketers. Karen invites you to learn more about the various free training webinars by visiting her Facebook Business Page and “LIKE” her Strategy4Success Facebook Page.