Barcelona, ​​which is facing a financial crisis due to financial difficulties, is continuing its unprecedented stride in the summer 스포츠토토탑 transfer market.

Recently, Barcelona has been in a serious financial crisis due to financial difficulties. Barcelona will not be able to sign players for the next season unless they meet the salary cap stipulated by La Liga. 

As a result, Barcelona decided to sell the player. Since last month, Barcelona have put for sale the team’s key midfielder, Frankie de Jong. Barcelona decided that de dragons were the most profitable resource without breaking the team’s pillars. 

Barcelona are negotiating with Manchester United, where Eric ten Haag, who previously coached De Jong at Ajax, has taken over as manager. Recently, several media outlets, including UK Sky Sports, reported that Manchester United had offered a transfer fee of 81 million euros (about 100 billion won), and it is said that an agreement will be reached soon.

They can make an immediate profit, but given the average age of players selling and trying to bring in de dragons, Barcelona’s judgment seems firmly erroneous. 

Currently, De Jong was born in 1997 and is 25 years old. He could play as a key midfielder for at least the next 7 or 8 years. However, Barcelona are  looking to bring in players who average 32 years old after sending out De Jong.

Barcelona are linked with Chelsea defenders Marcos Alonso, Cesar Aspilicueta and Andreas Christensen, as well as Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski.

Except for Christensen, who is in his 20s, the average age of the other three players is 32. Even including Christensen, he was 30 years old, and it is not unusual for him to lose his form at any time. 

It’s not just recruitment. Barcelona recently renewed their contract with Sergi Roberto. Sergi is also 30 years old this year, and his form has already fallen to the bottom.

Barcelona’s all-time move in the transfer market to sell 25-year-old key players to recruit an average 32-year-old  player is renewed every season following Artur Melo in 2020 and Lionel Messi in 2021.