Listing the “best” bridal hairstylists of all time is subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences, trends, and regions. However, I can provide you with a list of some highly renowned bridal hairstylists as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. Please note that new talents may have emerged since then, so it’s essential to do additional research for the most up-to-date information. Here are 30 popular bridal hairstylists from various parts of the world: Bridal Hair Stylist

  1. Oscar James – Known for styling celebrities for red carpet events and weddings.
  2. Chris Appleton – A celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Kim Kardashian and others.
  3. Jen Atkin – Founder of OUAI Haircare and a sought-after hairstylist.Newcastle Hair and Makeup
  4. Justine Marjan – Known for her trendy and innovative bridal hair designs.
  5. Serge Normant – A celebrity hairstylist with extensive bridal experience.
  6. Rita Hazan – Renowned for her hair coloring expertise for brides.
  7. Adir Abergel – A top hairstylist for brides and celebrities alike.
  8. Sarah Potempa – Creator of the Beachwaver and popular among brides.
  9. Kristin Ess – Known for her work with celebrities and bridal hair.
  10. Guido Palau – A high-fashion hairstylist with bridal experience.
  11. Eva Scrivo – A New York-based bridal hairstylist and salon owner.
  12. Guy Tang – An influencer in the world of hair color and styling.
  13. Jenny Cho – A celebrity hairstylist with bridal expertise. Hunter Valley Hair and Makeup
  14. Ashley Streicher – Known for her romantic and bohemian bridal hair.
  15. Ted Gibson – An award-winning hairstylist with bridal expertise.
  16. Laura Polko – A celebrity hairstylist popular for wedding styles.
  17. Harry Josh – Renowned for his work with top models and brides.
  18. Joseph Maine – An Instagram-famous hairstylist for brides.
  19. Nikki Lee – Co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon, frequented by brides.
  20. Andy Lecompte – A hairstylist to A-list celebrities with bridal experience.
  21. Sally Hershberger – Known for her iconic shag haircut and bridal styling.
  22. Takisha Sturdivant-Drew – Celebrity hairstylist with bridal expertise.
  23. Lacy Redway – A versatile hairstylist experienced in bridal looks.
  24. Cervando Maldonado – A bridal hairstylist who works with fashion magazines.
  25. David Lopez – A popular hairstylist for brides on social media.
  26. Sunnie Brook – A bridal and red carpet hairstylist.
  27. Mara Roszak – Known for her work with actresses and bridal clients.
  28. Ryan Trygstad – A New York-based hairstylist popular with brides.
  29. Nikki Nelms – A creative hairstylist with bridal experience. Makeup Artist Newcastle
  30. Matthew Collins – A London-based bridal hairstylist with a fashion-forward approach.

Remember to review their portfolios, read client reviews, and consider your own style preferences when choosing a bridal hairstylist. Additionally, availability and location should also play a role in your decision.