You might go out and get an acrylic hot tub, as the majority of people do, since these are the most popular hot tub types because they are simple to maintain and can now be purchased for a reasonable price. Or you might choose to spend your money on a cedar tub for something a bit different.

A Few Benefits of Cedar Wood

A cedar tub does have a significant benefit. The first is that it will typically be packaged as a kit, and while you might wonder, “Why is that a benefit? It must be a disadvantage, right? ” It is really a huge benefit since, because the tub is in a kit, you won’t need to pay for a crane to hoist it over your home, saving you money.

Simple Installation

The kit is easily transported across your home, where you may assemble it anywhere you choose. As a result, you have a lot of choice in choosing where to put your hot tub. Despite the fact that many people want their hot tubs to be in the open air, you could prefer one that is shaded by a tree. However, if you had an acrylic tub that must be craned into position, you would have to reject this option since the tree would prevent the tub from being lowered.

Setting Up in the Home

In contrast, placing an acrylic hot tub inside your home is almost impossible since, even when placed on its side, it would be too broad to go through most doorways, and carrying one up stairs manually would be unfeasible. However, it would be simple to put in a cedar tub upstairs.

The Natural Look of Cedar Wood

Spas made of cedar wood also offer a wonderful “natural” appearance. They are constructed of treated cedar, which almost lives forever. Despite the fact that they are made of wood, you can still buy them with a variety of water jets and bubble jets in the bottom and sides of the tub.

Additionally, they look great when put on a deck or even better when recessed into decking. This may transform a cedar wood hot tub into something luxurious.

Hot tubs made of cedar wood are just as simple to maintain as those made of plastic.

Since the majority are kits, shipping fees will be cheaper than for a standard tub, and you may even be able to pick one up if the dealer is close enough.

Even while having a buddy or two on hand would substantially speed up the process, it will take you around one weekend to install it on your own. Alternately, you might choose a professional installation, but keep in mind that most installers bill by the hour and charge for travel time, so it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to get a set price for installation service for your cedar hot tub.

Overall, cedar tubs are worth considering since they are sometimes less expensive to purchase than acrylic tubs. The decision is ultimately up to you.