Health and fitness is a state of mind, body and soul, which is attained with a regular and proper workout and exercising regime, with the intake of a balanced diet and healthy eating plan. Eating habit is the key point to one’s health and fitness. Therefore, a balanced diet with the presence of all the nutrients, carbohydrate, proteins, salt, fat etc must be introduced, as it defines health and fitness. Apart from it, various workouts and exercising routines also makes up for a person’s health and fitness, like aerobics, yoga, using machinery exercising equipments, taking up mild and power sports like swimming, weightlifting etc. All these are the key source for the attainment of proper health and fitness.

The points that one must keep in mind and follow to get proper health and fitness are planned diet, exercise and avoidance of junk foods and drinks. For fitness in a person’s body and life, he or she should start off with exercising initially which should be slow and brisk, if the person is a beginner. The best way or the best exercise is walking. Walking for 30 minutes everyday, preferably brisk walking, but keeping in mind towards proper footwear. Apart from this for a proper health and fitness jogging and hitting the gym is another way. But, before starting off, a person should first do some warm exercises to make or prepare the body before the vigorous activities, like stretching and loosening the different joints, so as to avoid accidents. Taking up aerobics is a fun and effective way for health and fitness, as doing aerobics works on the whole body. Aerobics also works on proper consumption of oxygen and helps in regulating the metabolic rate and managing the cholesterol level. A vigorous routine of aerobics in a regular basis helps to acquire a positive health and fitness. Aerobics should be done 3 to 4 times a week for 30 to 40 minutes, for effective and positive results.

Power exercise is also another way, like weightlifting, stretching and using various exercising tools, these works on the muscles, irrespective of any parts of the body. Like cardiac muscles, abs, calves, abdominal muscles etc. With the development of muscles, the excessive fats are burnt. Power exercise is a process by which a person following it would breakdown the tissues in the muscle making them complex, compact and uniformed. Using weights and continuously working with them at a stretch would exhaust the muscles but also helps in effective weight loss. The other necessities for a good health and fitness are the avoidance of over eating and to eat in frequent intervals but in small quantities. Especially, a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, with lots of fiber increase the intake of water. Do not over stress but relax, as pressure and exertion affects the heart causing dangerous deceases. Try to give up negative habits like smoking and drinking. And the most important of all have a regular and proper sleep, recommended of 8 hours a day. Last but not the least; one must go for a regular check up to their respective doctors.