Like any specialized business model, network marketing has its own peculiar ways of doing things. There are three fundamental steps you must take if you are to become successful in your network marketing business, and these rules can also apply to any kind of sales online or off.

Who Wants This Stuff?

The first step is to find out who is buying your product; a little research can save a great deal of time and wasted effort. This may sound obvious, but many folks don’t bother to identify their target market, instead trying to market their product to all comers, like throwing mud at a wall hoping that something will stick. Companies like can do this, because they sell everything under the sun, but for a small network marketing business that may have a limited range of products or just one item, this is highly inefficient and ineffective.

Network marketing is not just about promoting your product; it’s about building relationships with people. You could have the most fabulous product that’s priced to sell but if your prospect doesn’t know who you are, whether you know what you’re talking about and if you are trustworthy, you will be wasting your time. Social media is an ideal platform for building relationships, whether it’s through a blog or via Facebook, it takes time but your efforts will pay off.

Get to Know Your Market

There are many ways to identify your target audience, Google and Alexa both provide demographic information about the visitors to websites. If you haven’t yet started your blog or website, then a good way to find out who is buying your kind of product is to spy on a competitor. Find an established website or blog in your niche and see who their visitors are, the demographics will be much the same for you.

Read other people’s blogs and websites in your niche and see what people are asking, that information will not only give you insight into your target market but will also give you ideas for articles to write. If you can look at successful high ranking sites, you can get some great ideas. Don’t just copy what you see, add a twist of your own personality to it and be unique.

The Path to Sales

Always keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Subscribe to RSS feeds and newsletters and see what’s going on in your business – the trick being to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

You will soon get the hang of being able to market successfully this way. Your prospects will appreciate that you are giving them the information that they need, and you are being personable by answering questions from your visitors on your own blog.

As you get more adept at writing articles and email marketing, you will learn to use words that pique people’s interest and encourage them to buy.

You must lead them by the hand and offer information in the form of videos and incentives. With email marketing a well-designed landing page may encourage someone who is on the verge of purchasing your product into buying.

With network marketing your sponsor should always be there to help you and hopefully the company will offer conferences and training opportunities to make you a better marketer and better leader, once you start building your downline. Successful network marketers are used to helping others, so don’t struggle, just ask.