As Internet usage grows, so does Internet Marketing. Internet marketing has emerged as in itself a totally new business strategy and has developed its very own special marketing tools, approaches, and techniques. These marketing tools have diversified into various forms, and new tools are being introduced every now and then. The most common of these tools are the autoresponders, SEO software, link-building systems, content management programs, and affiliate software. Many consider these tools to be the most effective, simply because they are the ones most often used. However, the search of the most effective internet marketing tool is still active.

Most people are unaware that there are other more efficient, non-traditional internet marketing tools that all marketers should know in order to maximize their potential as online marketers and fully exploit the possibilities brought about by the World Wide Web.

Marketing tools are so common nowadays that most people get themselves associated with these tools without even knowing it. Some are so cunningly hidden or disguised that surfers do not even notice that products and services are being marketed to them by the said tools. The simplest and most unnoticed sales strategies are considered as the most effective of all internet marketing tools.

A review of the most effective as well as the most common internet marketing tools is highly advised for people wanting to engage in internet marketing strategies and techniques. Following are tips and tricks on how to use the simplest of internet marketing tools with utmost effectiveness.

1. Domain Name
The website is considered to be the banner and flagship of any business wanting to market online, therefore, you should think of your domain name as your first internet marketing tool. Selecting the right domain name for your business can equate to online expansion and wider market reach while making use of the wrong domain name might as well spell your downfall.

Most internet marketers concur in the view that generally, a brief and memorable keyword-related domain name is the best choice. It is preferable that the domain name is something left in the visitor’s mind that can be easily recalled. Being keyword-related also helps as it will give people an initial idea of what they will find in your site. It is probable that when the domain name is gotten right, your site will be the first thing that will come to consumers whenever they want to do an online search of what you offer. A keyword-related domain name will also do much for you in terms of your performance in search engines, and as we all know, good search engine rankings means more traffic, and consequently, more sales. With your domain name properly signifying what product and service you offer, your website will surely prove to be an effective and efficient internet marketing tool as the name itself serves as a teaser of what the site wants to showcase and promote.

There are some online marketers which, on the other hand, consider the use of short, unique and flashy yet memorable domain names as the better alternative. Unique names are remembered much more easily but are at the same time harder to position in search engine result pages. Take your time and examine which of the two options will likely do better for your site. Don’t rush your domain name, do what it takes to make sure you get it right because no matter which of the two methods you adopt, a fitting domain name can be the most effective marketing tool on the World Wide Web.

You should also avoid web or domain hosting service companies that use shared domain names. Using shared domain names means that your domain will use the same IP address used by other domains hosted by your provider. Such arrangement is quite risky because one dishonest act or behavior from one of the websites in the shared IP is likely to have terrible consequences on all the sites hosted in the server. Opt to adopt a dedicated server to get your domain name have its own unique IP address. Most hosting services generally offer unique IP addresses for minimal extra charges.

2. Keywords
Keywords are considered to be the real fundamental building blocks of the World Wide Web. Keywords are what surfers input into search engines with the hope of finding whatever it is they are seeking. Keywords are considered to be the most essential element in any kind of internet marketing endeavor. The right keywords with greatly increase the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts, while selecting the wrong keywords will render your internet marketing campaign almost completely useless.

Since the process of keyword selection has become an integral part of internet marketing, many keyword selection tools have been developed and launched to provide assistance. Some online sites provide services for specifically this type of task, though they often charge a price. But with the further advancement of pay-per-click advertising, free yet effective keyword selection software like the Google AdWords Keyword Tool have become available to the public. Keyword research assistant software should include as a minimum the number of searches made each month, amount of competition and the top sites targeting your keywords.

Using an effective keyword assistance tool will have direct bearing on the keywords you will choose. Targeting the right keywords is a must and should be accomplished correctly. An internet marketing aiming for the proper keywords is likely to drive traffic, which will result to more customers to your website.

3. Articles
Many internet marketers consider organic search engine optimization as the best form of SEO and therefore base their SEO campaigns purely on organic SEO techniques. Considered by many as the simplest and most effective organic SEO technique, article writing and submission has become one of the most often used SEO approaches. SEO article writing and submission is the practice of writing unique keyword-related articles and submitting them, with one or two links to your website or webpages to online article directories. Thus, your site gains invaluable on-way links with each article your get posted on the article directories. The directories by effect help you get traffic for your site as well as increase your importance in the point of view of search engines. It is primarily due to these reasons that article writing and submission is acknowledged by many as the most effective organic SEO marketing tool.

Once you gain popularity and high ranking with the unique keyword-related articles you have posted in article directories, other sites will definitely try to link to your site in order for them to get search engine optimized for the same keywords. Article keyword marketing therefore is one of the most effective internet marketing link-building tools. Article marketing alone, if used properly, can be enough to bring to you that highly sought after targeted traffic and search engine ranking.

Pay-per-click advertising in the hands of a master, is undoubtedly the most effective internet marketing tool of all, it is however, also the most expensive. You will end up paying large amounts of money to have search engines directly place your site on search engine result pages of your keyword of choice. Without enough knowledge, PPC advertising will just be a big waste of money.

4. Lists
The email list is another fundamental structure of any internet marketing system. The mailing list is indispensable and should not be overlooked. The mailing list is a bulky database of contacts, prospects and leads who have given you their consent about receiving email or other forms of contact from you. In other words, the list is a collection of the contact details of people subscribed to your ezine or newsletter. Maintaining separate databases for each line of product or service is a good way of adding to the effectiveness of your list as an internet marketing tool.

Ezines and newsletters should not be ignored as they can prove to be very helpful in your internet marketing strategies. Keeping in touch with both past and current customers will give them the impression that you care and will help them feel more at ease at transacting with you. An ongoing and strong relationship with your customers is vital to your growth and expansion.

A list of affiliates will also add greatly to the effectiveness of your arsenal of internet marketing tools. The affiliate system is a very efficient and comprehensive way of growing your market and reaching out to customers in a very fast manner. Once a marketer establishes a large and operational affiliate network, exponential increase in sales can be expected. Join ventures with other marketers can also be of great help.

5. Blogs and RSS Feeds
Blogging and RSS feeds have recently become the fad in internet marketing as they serve as less formal tools to reach out to customers, prospects, and leads. Blogs are also very effective content management tools that can easily and quickly build content-driven sites, and RSS fields help blogs reach the attention of search engine bots faster.

Fresh content is the primary strength of blogs that make them very attractive to search engines, since nothing attracts crawlers more than fresh and unique content. It is for this very reason that websites are advised to maintain their own blogs and RSS fields as they will attract search engine spiders to regularly visit your site. As a whole, all tools that supply fresh and unique information are effective in getting visitors go to your site and crawlers check your site.