Are you gagging on the terms? Wonder what an Expert Marketer really does? Last week as I sat with a collective group of mainstream business marketing experts, I was asked to define what I do. My Brick and Mortar Partner, stepped up to explain that I wasn’t one of those Internet Marketers who created one scam after another to collect high prices from people who were looking for a real business.

God Bless him!

I’m Jan Verhoeff, and I’m an internet marketer. They say the first step to the cure is admitting it to yourself… So, there I said it. I admit I’m an Internet Marketer. No, it isn’t a dirty word and I don’t scam anyone. I held up a copy of my PROOF of a soon to be published book, “Internet Marketing for the Neighborhood Market” and Pre-Sold 32 copies right there at the Chamber of Commerce meeting.

The most asked question of the neighborhood businesses in the room was, “Is it really helpful to have an online presence if you have a Main Street Business?” The answer according to my favorite little redheaded blogger is, “Hells YES!”

My answer is that if you’re a Main Street Business and you don’t have an Internet Marketing presence, you’re leaving money on the table and markets left untapped. Any Expert Marketer knows that the more people you can put your business in front of, targeted to your specific business, the more successful you’ll be.

If you’re a Chevy shop, you don’t try to pull the Ford Market, you grab every Chevy driver in the closest 150 Miles to show your product. You might sell to a Ford buyer, but you’re going to spend more time on that buyer than you will on a Cheverolet lover. Don’t waste your time, find more Chevy drivers.

Online, to drive more traffic, define your marketing strategy with keywords and content driven SEO. Your targeted audience is seeking you out. Organically drive your traffic with an expert writer who knows how to run a marketing strategy with well defined content, keyword application and information that attracts readers. An expert content writer will go a long ways toward driving your internet marketing endeavor to success. Don’t waste your time or money on anything less than an expert marketing writer if you want to achieve success online.

5 KEY Ways to Increase Income to Your Main Street Business – Online

1 – Offer instant purchasing opportunities with one click buyer options.
2 – Build a strong buying list by inviting readers of your site and visitors to your store front business the option to opt-into your marketing list.
3 – Always offer an ONLINE Only Special.
4 – Keep online clients coming back with multiple option automatic messages.
5 – Offer at least one line of products ONLINE only.