Beautiful mineral called Harlow Calcite commonly referred to as Harlow Stone, has long been prized by collectors and aficionados. It is a popular choice for ornamental purposes and a variety of functional uses because of its distinctive qualities and beautiful appearance.

Harlow Calcite: What is it?

Harlow The Harlow region in Essex, England, is home to the calcite mineral type. It is a type of calcite that may be identified by its dark brown or reddish-brown colour, which is brought on by the mineral’s presence of iron oxide. The mineral can also be found in veins and pockets in other rocks, but it mainly forms in sedimentary rocks like limestone and dolomite.

Harlow Calcite’s characteristics

According to the Mohs scale, Harlow Calcite has a hardness grade of 3, making it relatively soft in comparison to many other minerals. It has a 2.7 specific gravity and a vitreous to pearly lustre. Depending on the size and distribution of impurities within the crystal, the mineral can be opaque or translucent.

The colour of the Harlow Calcite is one of its most distinctive characteristics. The mineral’s colour ranges from a deep rust to a rich brownish-red, which makes it a desirable choice for decorative application. The iron oxide found in the mineral’s crystal structure, which also gives it its distinctive streak, is what gives the mineral its distinctive colour.

Harlow Calcite Uses

Decorative and functional uses for Harlow Calcite are numerous. It was once utilised as a source of calcium carbonate to make lime, which was utilised in agriculture and construction. In modern times, it is mainly utilised for ornamental purposes, such as as a gemstone or in the creation of beautiful items like vases and sculptures.

Collectors and aficionados love Harlow Calcite for its aesthetic attributes as well. It is a popular choice for display in mineral collections and museums due to its distinctive colour and crystal structure. The mineral can be used in jewellery and other decorative products, and it is frequently cut and polished to display its inherent beauty.


Beautiful and distinctive mineral called Harlow Calcite is highly prized for its aesthetic attributes. Iron oxide gives it its rich brown or reddish-brown colour, which makes it a desirable alternative for decorative application. Its crystal structure and other characteristics also make it a popular choice for collectors and enthusiasts. Harlow Calcite is a fascinating mineral that continues to enthral people all across the world, whether it is utilised in building, farming or as a decorative item.