Are you looking for some health and fitness guidelines? By now, you’ve heard a lot of those simple and easy fitness tips. And you kept hearing those ever since you were a child. If you have grossly ignored those good pieces of advice, this article brings a few handy health and fitness tips, so you can give it a try once again!

1. Just as you get up from bed, drink up a big glass of fresh water. This gets better if you just mix up a little bit of squeezed lemon. Did you grand ma tell you to drink 6 to 8 glasses every day? You should know that she was pretty much right! This will give you clearer bowel movements.

2. Chew what you eat. You need to chew each morsel of food should be chewed from 25 to 50 times. This means, you have to chew your food till it’s softened or reduced to tender pulp. Your saliva will help break the food down to make sure your stomach finds it easy to digest it.

3. Don’t forget to smile. A number of clinical research showed that the negative thoughts of a human being makes him sick. But fortunately, the mere act of regularly smiling (even if you’re just pretending) might actually reverse the whole process. Does it sound a bit corny? But trust me on this – it’s worth trying!

4. Get somebody to massage both your feet. If can find anyone to do it, consider doing it yourself. You can simply do it as you listen to the radio. A medical research has found that if the feet of a person is stimulated it could help alleviate/prevent numerous conditions. As you apply pressure onto specific areas of your foot, special nerves send special signals from your central nervous system for increasing the blood circulation along with some muscular functions of the corresponding area.

5. Most of us are in the habit of overusing our hands, wrists while working on the PC or other hobbies. So it does help if you occasionally massage both your wrists, all your fingers and – particularly that fleshy part on your thumbs base. Most importantly, this helps prevent problems like carpal tunnel syndrome.

6. Make the most out of your digestive enzymes. Health practitioners claimed that your digestive enzyme happens to be highly important for digesting your food. Even though you’re in possession of sufficient amount of money to get high-end health services, there are other ways around to it if you want to stay healthy…

There are lots of avenues to boost your digestive system. But one of the surefire one is to apply a gentle message on your belly for enhancing your digestion power, as well as your bowels. A lot of people out there uses this remedy for handling their over eating or indigestion.

7. Go for some work outs that that do not require any posh fitness equipment. A lot of people just carry out easy work outs by marching or jogging in the morning.