As we get older there is nothing more important than maintaining our health by keeping fit. When the work a day world is but a memory and the joys of retirement are before us, life can be more enjoyable by staying fit – both physically and mentally. As we reach our senior years, our bodies change. We find perhaps our endurance isn’t what it once was or we aren’t quite as limber as we remember being. That comes partly with aging and partly because we might not be having as active a routine as we did when we were working or perhaps had a fuller schedule of activities. We have reached the phase in our lives where we should consider a new daily or weekly routine that includes scheduled activity. Now, I know what you are thinking, but in order to maintain our senior health and fitness we must do more than walk to the coffee maker and pour a cup of coffee in the morning and then walk to the television and turn on our favorite morning talk show.

Maintaining senior health and fitness in our maturing years helps assure us of keeping our blood pressure low and our spirits high; it keeps our heart in good shape and cholesterol at bay. Maintaining a program of senior health and fitness keeps our mind clear and wit sharp and our thought process on the cutting edge. Healthy, vigorous exercise keeps a body limbered and toned and ready to seize the day. As tempting as it might be for us to sit in the easy chair with our feet up, it isn’t going to do much for keeping our bodies and mind in shape.

There is no better way to maintain our senior health and fitness than by good old fashioned exercise. It might be wise to check with your doctor first before you begin or increase an exercise program. Part of that discussion should include setting goals and selecting suitable exercise for your age and fitness level. Your doctor may recommend certain exercises based on your medical conditions such as diabetes or heart predicaments.

It is important to always stay active no matter what our age may be but senior health and fitness is especially important. After we retire it is practically the law to make sure we stay active. That assures us of living a full and active life and enjoying every minute we have on this earth.

Senior health and fitness can be achieved by working in the yard more or walking about your neighborhood. Even walking to that cup of coffee at the corner diner in the morning is a positive action.

Senior health and fitness can be as simple as walking around the block several times a week or become a little more sophisticated by joining a health club or gym. A fitness routine, when shared with others, can become an enjoyable event that we look forward to rather than look upon as a necessary evil and look away from. That is the key to maintaining our senior health and fitness.