Today we are looking at why there is an invalid reference error for Microsoft Excel. We also come up with the right solutions for this problem.

When you get the reference isn’t a valid excel error, it can turn into a horrible mistake that you wish to dispose of, and if you do not know the main root of the problem, it might be frustrating. There are also different data sources, and if you have the know-how, you can solve the problem.

As the topic suggests, when Excel has the reference isn’t valid excel error, Excel tells us that the location has become unavailable and the error does not exist. The error might pop up for a few different reasons.

Pivot Tables Reference Code is Invalid

When you make a new pivot table where you get a reference that isn’t a valid excel error, you will need to fix it.

If it still doesn’t get fixed, you can make a new pivot table by using a new pivot table range. Sometimes the scope does not exist any longer, so it might create an invalid reference error.

Once you locate your data table that we call Table1, you can always change the name later. There are different ways you can make a new pivot table later on the table.

Key in your pivot tables. Once they ask you for a data source, mention “Table 1”. It will pop up an invalid error. Now that there is no range called Table 1, it is because it has changed to Data.

There are different reasons why there is a reference that isn’t a valid excel error.

How Do You Solve Reference Errors for Pivot Tables?

If there are many pivot tables in different ranges, ensure that the values are not valid, and it will solve a lot of problems later on.

When you attempt to refresh the different pivot tables, and the Microsoft excel reference isn’t valid error comes up; check these errors one by one to solve the excel error issue.

#REF Named Ranges

There are also named ranges that are superb tools for handling structured data.

However, it would help if you handled named ranges with care so that you don’t get the Microsoft excel reference isn’t a valid error. Excel will tag that name within the specific content when you call a certain degree.