VPN is a basic yet important tool for online privacy and cybersecurity protection. Thanks to the encrypted VPN tunnel, all traffic and data between your device and the end web server are protected, being away from the spying eyes of governments, hackers, advertisers, and many more. This way, you can be truly anonymous online and be invisible when browsing secret webs, sharing crucial materials, and delivering some sensitive speech. Another benefit is that you are able to bypass geo-restrictions and access the web freely as it’s supposed to be.

Then how to choose the best VPN? Some deciding factors are shared below for your reference.

1. Confirm your real needs for a VPN

The reason to get a VPN varies from person to person. Some may need a VPN just for accessing more entertainment content, social networks, new services, torrent sites etc. blocked by various censorship, while some may simply want to be untraceable for better privacy and security. So the very first thing one should do is make the main purpose of using a VPN clear, because it will affect your final decision greatly.

2. Check the feature of the VPN

When you’ve done the first thing, what comes next is to see what basic and advanced features the VPN have. Usually, the features can be easily found on the homepage or dedicated features page. Basically, every VPN features hiding IP address, encrypting personal data, defeating ISP throttling, helping stay safer on public Wi-Fi hotspots and accessing content from anywhere you move.

Based on different product managements, a VPN may be equipped with varying advanced features:

– Split tunneling is the one to enable users self-define what domains or apps to run or avoid VPN connection.

– Kill switch is made to keep data safe if there’s a sudden connection drop.

– VPNs support different protocols, which may be some open-source ones like OpenVPN and WireGuard or that developed by the VPN provider itself.

– Ad-blocker blocks any unwanted ads or other popups.

– Private DNS means the VPN provider has its own encrypted DNS server.

– Only the VPN with a no-log policy will it not collect or even share your browsing histories, personal data etc.

3. Server Network

A VPN may have thousands of servers in dozens of countries. You should go to the server details page to make sure they cover what you want and are enough for your requirement.

4. Plan and Price

From TOP10VPN’s report, solid VPNs cost about $3.9 per month for yearly plan and about $11.3 for one-month plan. You can choose accord this criterion. And generally, you are suggested pay for a short period of time’s plan to test it at different times. If it runs slowly or are not so stable, you can apply for a refund within the certain time limit.

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