In my experience, nothing beats talking directly with your clients and potential clients. There’s something about connecting with a real human being that reveals subtleties that technology based research doesn’t bring up. The tech touch research is more left brain (analytical and linear.) But the human touch research is more right brained (relational and holistic.)

Your goal with the human touch research is to understand, directly from your market, what they want.

Both human touch and technology based research are valuable when combined to help you create a winning business and product.

Ask the #1 Marketing Guru

The fastest way to riches in your chosen topic is to ask a top marketing guru what to do. He or she will reveal to you the secrets to access the pot of gold waiting for you. They will tell you how to market your product or service the most effective, successful way. All you need to do is ask the #1 Marketing Guru.

Who is it? It’s your target market!

THEY have all the answers for you. They will tell you what they want and how they want it. They will tell you what gets them worked up and ready to take action. They have the golden key that will unlock untold wealth for you. It’s all there for the asking.

Another common mistake I see entrepreneurs make is working too hard trying to figure out their business and marketing by themselves. You can spin in your head all you want, but the shortcut answers you’re striving for are literally a phone call away.

Two Ways to Do Human Touch Research

1. Ask your market directly: The best way to find out what your market wants is to ask them directly (ideally in person.) When you hear their voice or see their expressions, you can gauge how passionate they are for your topic – how badly they want it. I recommend you set up a time either in person or over the phone to interview your market.

2. Ask people who know your target market (centers of influence): Your target market will reveal a lot to you AND they may not want to really expose the full truth of what’s going on for them because they may not even know! Another approach to learn about your market is interviewing people who know your target market well. It may be a business colleague or associate – someone who will give you an objective, 3rd person point of view about your market. They know that market because they’ve worked with it for years or decades. They know first hand what’s going on in the minds and hearts of your people.

Marketing isn’t complicated when you listen to the obvious indicators from your target market. Resist the temptation to over analyze what they are saying. And watch out that your biases and preferences don’t get in the way. If you’re so in love with an idea and your market is telling you they’re not interested, take heed. Remember, your target market is your #1 marketing guru.