WooCommerce is one of the best suitable platforms for creating an online eCommerce site. However, it is a highly recommended open-source program for the one who wants to build an online store and expand his business globally. But, despite the fact that it’s a very easy-to-use and most powerful eCommerce solution to get your retail store live, there is a possibility that you could end up with a few errors. Don’t worry! The top-rated WooCommerce Support solutions to resolve any of the WooCommerce site-related tech glitches are at your fingertips. A few of the most frequent errors and their fixes are discussed in the blog post. Continue to read!

Solutions To Fix Common WooCommerce Issues

Beneath, we’ve compiled various Common WooCommerce Issues that you can experience with your online store site. Because of any of these errors, your site will be running down, and gradually it will impact your money. Furthermore, your WooCommerce store site will rank below the belt and hence lead to a poor customer experience. Thus, get the extra-ordinary solving tricks here. The most generic WooCommerce errors and their specified solutions are enumerated underneath. Simple, take a brief glance:

Problem 1: Site Loading Too Slow

The eCommerce stores probably have immense databases due to which there is the slow movement of your website. However, a fast-loading website is quite essential for an online store. So, whenever the site is dull and the loading speed is very poor, the traffic will be minimal and will not exist on the Google Search page, for sure. That’s why it has become vital to detect why your site functions slowly and rectify the issue. Here’s what to do!

Fixing Tips

  • You are always recommended to use an optimized WooCommerce hosting because the problem with the web hosting provider could result in the store slowly. Therefore, make sure the hosting you use has advanced-cache technologies.
  • Next, we would like to suggest you update WooCommerce via WooCommerce Live Support.
  • Make sure the theme you use for your site is compatible with the WooCommerce application.
  • Try to update all WordPress installed plugins.

Problem 2: Plugins And Themes Confliction

At some instinct, one of your Plugins is probably not compatible with your theme. Since themes and plugins are specifically designed to give better look to the eCommerce site. So, if the theme selected is not compatible with your WooCommerce plugin, annoying errors may occur. Therefore, it is required to determine the actual culprit so that you will know from which end is the problem arising.

Fixing Tips

The most effective WooCommerce Support for this theme and plugin conflict error is disabling and re-enabling them one by one. This will ensure you which plugin or theme is conflicting and hence you can further remove it completely to flawless accessibility of the WooCommerce site. Here’s what to perform:

Theme Conflict

  • Go to Appearance > Themes.
  • Now, set and activate any default theme and then check if the problem still appears.

If the problem annihilates, then the fault lies in your theme. You can ask your WooCommerce Live Support theme provider to solve this issue.

 Plugin Conflict

  • Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins
  • Disable every plugin that is not a WooCommerce extension.
  • If the problem disappears, then one of your plugins is the culprit.
  • You need to search for the plugin which is actually causing an issue by activating your plugins one by one.

Problem 3: Email Notification Errors

After customers place their orders in your eCommerce store, they expect a couple of emails, like confirmation and tracking orders, or emails for refund and exchange. How are notification emails sent in WooCommerce stores?

Most of the WordPress plugins use the ‘wp_mail’ function for sending emails related to the purchase. It is the core of the WordPress website, and similar to PHP, mail sends emails in PHP script. So, if there is a script error in PHP, you will not receive any emails or face email notification error issues. Get the 24×7 online WooCommerce Support to sort it out. Additionally, a glimpse of the fixing tips mentioned below.

Fixing Tips 1: Check Your WooCommerce Email Setup

You will have to check the two main options after you navigate to WooCommerce email settings. Here’re they:

  • Individual Notification Emails
  • Email Sender Options

For detecting errors in email sender options, go through the following noted steps:

  • First, go to your WordPress dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings.
  • Then, click on the “Emails” tab.
  • Scroll down to the email sender options.
  • Afterward, provide the desired details in the given field. Specify your correct email address in the “From” address and your name in the “From” name.

For detecting errors in the individual notification emails, go through the below-noted guidelines:

  • First, go to WooCommerce > Settings > email.
  • If the notification setting is not enabled, enable it first.
  • Now, make sure that the correct email of the receiver is properly entered.
  • In the end, click on the “Save Changes” tab and then check if the emails are being sent to the consumers or not.

If still email is not been sent, jump to the next solving guide.

Fixing Tips 2: Check Your Spam Folder

Most probably, the email that has been sent is entered into the Spam folder. So, it is highly recommended to open the Spam folder first and see if you receive the confirmation email or not.


You are now done with WooCommerce common problematic errors and their actual fixes. Are you yet facing any difficulty while using WooCommerce? Feel free to contact us anytime as we are open round the clock to deliver satisfying WooCommerce Support solutions at your doorstep. Launch your free trial on the WooCommerce Managed Hosting Platform today. You can perfectly and proficiently build your online store with just 1-click WooCommerce installation.