To write a good eBook on Health and Fitness you must first set the tone, not only in the first chapter but also with a good picture on the cover and/or the Title Page, as well. The Introduction, Acknowledgements and Forward must too set the tone. What tone do we set?

Well consider if you will that no one buys into the Superman Theory without the Kryptonite too. People liked the movie “Rocky” because it showed spirit, adversity and it brought out the character. If you are telling people to get off their butts and work-out, eat right and exercise then you must tell your own story too.

Maybe you might mention the CAP principles for Fitness or a plan that anyone can do. Maybe you have had experiences in running a marathon as well? You need to speak to the readers psyche and get them to look in the mirror with greater self-esteem.

On the title page you might use a “Runner Breaking the Tape” and a somewhat blurred image that could be anyone or maybe a happy couple jogging along the beach or down a nice trail?

It is important also to choose your Chapter Titles carefully as well. How about these ideas?

  • The Crisis We Face
  • Mastering a Mental Attitude
  • Choosing a Workout Plan
  • The Importance of Stretching
  • The Food We Eat
  • The Winning Attitude
  • Advantages of Maintaining Weight

What about the end of the eBook? Well how about some really good solid references? Some

Scientific and Research Reports (at least 20), which you have read to insure that you did not make any mistakes in your comments in the book and that everything is totally accurate.

You also need lots of pictures, but for eBooks you need to keep the pictures and sketches down to 50 Kb in size, do not forget that, otherwise the eBook will be too big. In the back of the book you should also include Bonus Articles by both you and your co-author if you have one.