Are you writing an eBook on health and fitness? This field will always be a popular one, but you may not see how your information will get noticed and stand out in the crowd. With so many people, some of them extremely popular and well known, trying to be in the spotlight, you may wonder if you will be able to achieve success with an eBook in this already overcrowded field. Here are some things to remember and suggestions for making your information sought after online.

  • Personalize your experience and knowledge as much as possible. If you have lost a large amount of weight and kept it off, or have overcome a potentially life threatening disease, these are the stories that make for great eBooks.
  • Preface your writing by telling people exactly what your credentials are, and refrain from giving any advice that could be perceived as medical, unless you are a qualified medical practitioner. Many people would prefer to hear from you than from a doctor, nutritionist, or other health or fitness professional.
  • Include detailed information on your topic, so that your readers will be able to follow through with complete information. You can include references through each chapter of your eBook, as well as listing these references in a resource section at the end of your book.
  • Be sure to include photographs, drawings, tables, and other visual aids so that people can learn more about what you are telling them. Sometimes a picture can be worth more than a thousand words if it is placed strategically in your eBook.

Your health or fitness eBook will stand out from the crowd and sell successfully online if you think about the things I have discussed here.