Are you using video marketing in your business?

Or are you one of those people who hate their picture being taken let alone standing in front of a camera? Well I am here to tell you that the camera loves everyone once you know how to use it and it is the most powerful and inexpensive marketing tool online.

Video marketing is taking the world by storm and those people who take the time to embrace this new communication medium will very quickly be seen as the expert in their niche. Why? Because video positions you as:

  • Knowing something
  • Having something worth saying
  • As a bit of a celebrity in your niche
  • Creates a know, like and trust factor quicker than any of medium today
  • Plus, it is the most watched viral media being consumed by your target markets now.

But what is more exciting, is that it has never been easier to participate and create your own celebrity status online. Most people use to use, and still use, books as a positioning and marketing tool to promote their area of expertise. This still works, but we all know how long it takes to write a book. These days you can get the same PR, marketing and positioning online using the power of video marketing including:

  • Video interviews
  • Video YouTube Channels
  • Online Video TV Shows
  • Video Products
  • Video Newsletters

There are numerous ways that you can be seen as an expert and also get invited by other people in your niche to be promoted as an expert using the power of video and video marketing.

So why is video and social media so popular?

Because the world as we know it is changing. It is becoming more social and more connected and people want to be able to interact and get to know the people that they are doing business with or becoming a loyal customer. Word of mouth marketing has never been more prevalent then it is right now. Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect examples of how people like to spend their spare time, communicate with each other and find out what is the best brand, service or product to purchase or use.

Video allows you to build the relationship with these people so much faster. Whether you are chatting about who you are and what you do, a solution to their problem, some information that will help them or just interviewing and reporting on trends in your niche, video makes it easy for people to connect with your message.

People all around the world can receive your message. Video gives you a voice like no other medium has ever done and the viral ability of that message to be spread very quickly using social media platforms like facebook, twitter and video distribution platforms like tubemogel makes word of mouth marketing simpler than ever before.

Here are just a few statistics as to why you might consider making video marketing a big part of your marketing mix:

  • 35% of web users watch videos online
  • 46% of adult internet users are active on YouTube
  • 41% of 50-60 year olds are now watching video online
  • Women watching videos online has increased from 46% to 59%
  • YouTube is the second largest searched engine outside of Google & owned by Google

If any of your target audience fit into these demographics (and this covers just about everyone except under 18 year old) then perhaps it is time to start thinking of ways you can use video marketing in your communication plans for next year.

Some different ways to market your business using video:

  • List building – video squeeze page
  • Internet infomercials for your products & services
  • Exposure and brand building
  • Tutorials – list building/viral marketing
  • Viral marketing – marketing movies
  • Product creation – income generating
  • Newsletters – connection/relationship
  • Affiliate marketing – income generating
  • Video coaching – global voice
  • Video blogging – trust building
  • Video interviewing – credibility/celebrity

If you want to learn more about implementing video marketing into your business please feel free to drop by our website we have a weekly video newsletter that will help you to learn how easy it is to get started.

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