Sometimes we can have some pretty incredible ideas for what we want from our websites. We can scratch down a few ideas and insist ‘this’ is what we want from our website.

We can either hire someone to make the perfect website from our chicken scratches or we can use web builder technology to develop something on our own.

So, what happens when we get another brilliant idea after the website is developed and in use? Well, usually we just find a way to tack the information on – even if it doesn’t exactly fit.

When we get a few of those ‘new’ brilliant ideas we have a potpourri of brilliant ideas mismatched in places that don’t make any sense to site visitors. We’ve all either had this happen to us personally or we’ve been to sites that have this problem.

The end result can look a bit like a kid’s clubhouse made from left over lumber and tin; serviceable perhaps, but not designed for long-term use.

When you develop a site for online business you should use ‘order from chaos’ as your mantra.

Solicit the help of those who have developed a business website before. Ask them hard questions about what it took to make sure they included all the things they felt were important in the execution of their website. Take the time to view multiple business website and see what they do and how they do it. What you learn could be very beneficial to you as you seek to make your business website as perfect as possible.

Some revision will be necessary as you move forward in site development, but if you develop a comprehensive plan ahead of time those revisions can be minimized. You can also build in extra areas for overflow or growth.

This preplanning is important to the health and viability of your website. When you fail to plan you will often spend more time fixing mistakes and developing ways to manage difficulties than if you had just taken the time to do things right the first time around.

Refining your chicken scratches may be a bit like editing a manuscript for publication. Both can be tedious, require a lot of thinking and often result in an intense desire to be perfect.

It is not uncommon to find a first run book with a few mistakes in it. Editors work very hard to eliminate all errors, but sometimes those errors can be found by readers. By the time the second printing takes place the errors are fixed.

This is the mentality you should have when planning your webs site. Work to create your website so any fixes you may need to make will be minor and barely noticeable to site visitors.

You are in the business of business. Your site design is the primary key that unlocks the potential of business. Make sure the way you work at developing your business online is in keeping with your desire to connect with site visitors in a format that is welcoming and has planned well for the future.