The human body is a complex piece of machinery. The blood that we have coursing through our veins carries oxygen to all parts of the body, delivers hormones and other signal messengers to the body and works to eliminate waste from the blood stream. In short our bodies could not exist without a blood supply.

The same concept is true of the entrepreneur in home-based and online business.

Passion is the vein that carries the lifeblood of the entrepreneur. Passion is the conveyor belt that takes your dream live and moves it to market.

I love word pictures. I think they can help individuals understand a concept on a more emotionally intuitive level. We all have ideas we want to express so the use of the human body or a conveyor belt may help you understand that passion in online business is a powerful thing.

Passion is the vein that carries the lifeblood of the entrepreneur.

Let me take this phrase by phrase so you can more fully appreciate the depth of the statement.

Passion – The enthusiasm each of us have for an idea. This idea is often of our own imagination and is a vital part of the process of dream fulfillment.

The vein – This is the connection that makes it possible for the idea to flow freely.

The Lifeblood – This is the life sustaining part of your dream. It can be likened to the satisfaction and effort you must put into dream fulfillment.

The Entrepreneur – This is you. This is the beneficiary of dream fulfillment.

There is a process to this idea. The entrepreneur conceives an idea. As long as the idea stays in the brain it can do neither harm nor good. Without the passion the dream cannot be sustained and will eventually die.

A dream that is pursued half-heartedly will be anemic at best and dead on arrival at worst.

Just like the human body, the human spirit has to have many working parts in order to realize the end result of a passion-filled dream.

Beware of blood flow restrictors.

In the context of a home-based or online business blood flow restrictors are those things that by design or by accident cause you to distrust your dream. This can be a well-intentioned family member or friend that may indicate the idea may not be as well thought out as it should be.

You should seek advice, but the ultimate dream is often something that others cannot understand in concept until you show them in reality.

Blood flow restrictors are those that maliciously seek to point out any fault or weakness in an effort to convince you to lay down your dream and give up.

Dreams are fragile creatures that must be nourished and nurtured. It can be hard to see a dream bludgeoned by those who may never understand your passionate pursuit of something so personal it is often impossible to explain.

Allow your passion for a dream to carry the full essence of your idea, allow it to carry in fresh oxygen and remove waste. Your dream may not be real yet, but with the help of passion it may prove attainable sooner than you expect.