The lives of people around us have been revolutionized by the internet, changing our business and marketing strategies. Marketing is not limited to internet marketing. There are other marketing avenues like print and digital marketing. Since each business is exclusive and requires unique plans, at the end of the day to remain profitable you should think of combining these three marketing mediums, by balancing their good and bad elements.

Internet Marketing:

On the internet, marketing through search engine has been proved to be inexpensive, when compared to the traditional print marketing or direct mail marketing. If your website finds a place in the main page of search engines you are likely to be assured of increased web traffic. Thus by optimizing search engines, through keywords you can generate traffic, build links and turn partly this traffic into customer base. Remember, a person searching through keywords is a potential customer. This driving of traffic towards your website is the best part of internet marketing, but the bad part is that all the traffic doesn’t mean buyers. It remains in your strategy how to hold and turn this traffic at least partly into your clientele.

Traditional Marketing

Print media which has been the backbone of US marketing and economy for long time has been gradually taken over by the internet marketing. Postal departments in US have been reporting loss of revenue in recent years, as people move from mailing to electronic communication. Moreover in the traditional print marketing, there are costs involved like paper, envelopes, postages etc., which is certainly much more than that of internet.. In the traditional marketing sphere, there are some things which continue to attract us, which are being utilized by the traditional marketing people. The tussle between traditional and internet marketing isn’t limited to the cost factor, even as some people still find direct mailing is a better option. Everyone to his/her own choice!

It is here that the role of digital marketing comes in. How about combining the strengths of internet and print media? For example, let us assume a business with merely three sectors of marketing, selling its products to females in the age group of 20-30; families with two or more kids; and to senior citizens. Now each sector acts differently. In the print media marketing, it would be difficult for a small company to reach these three groups with three different types of marketing strategies. If you treat them equally, without targeting the individual sectors, you may be losing your customer base. Imagine what happens if a female receives a direct mail communication offering a discount on a senior’s diaper! But the digital print marketing has got over this hurdle to a great extent by developing ability to provide for specific groups individually in their marketing literature. Yet, it remains expensive.

When asked which indeed the best marketing medium is, you should say a good mixture of all these mediums is the best. Such a combination should form part of our marketing plans. Considering we are catering to different groups, you should plan your marketing strategy accordingly. If your business is wholly localized, you may not need internet marketing at all, because you are not interested in world market. Instead you will do well to build you local base through print media like direct mailing. But if you expand into a retailer of goods, you can opt for internet marketing, which will then become inexpensive. But you would by now know that whatever the marketing media you choose, the strategies remain the same. You can build clientele only by getting people to visit your facility, whether it is a website or a localized outlet.