Attraction Marketing System “MYTH”? Don’t worry, there’s a way around it now so you can still achieve marketing success online. Let me explain…

Recently, I witnessed a colleague of mine who has recently achieved marketing success online make a funny statement. He referred to the use of an “attraction marketing system” as “old school”. (Of course, he’s only 22, so he doesn’t really know what old school is, LOL).

Nevertheless, this guy – as young as he is – is making over $10,000 monthly, so I’m gonna listen to him!

What’s wrong with attraction marketing?

It was all the rage when Mike Dillard brought the idea of “Magnetic Sponsoring” to the industry about five years ago and made a huge splash with attraction marketing training. The idea, of course, is to draw people to you by the idea of attracting their interest on the internet.

While some of Mike’s ideas are now widely practiced, such as “posturing” or positioning yourself as a leader so others will want what you have – the industry is actually now trending more towards direct marketing websites.

The problem with attraction marketing is that it’s all based on the idea of “you BECOME the expert marketer”.

“When your audience sees you as an expert who wants to help instead of a sales person after a dollar, they will gladly come and pursue you as soon as they are ready to make a purchase.”… Mike Dillard

Of course, Mike’s advice is grand, and internet marketers all over (including myself) are continuing to strive to become “expert marketers”. However, this takes a LOT of time, energy and money!

People become experts by “failing forward”… continuing to try, tweaking mistakes to make better – and try, try again. Let’s face it; marketing yourself online is not only a little scary at first, it takes a lot of trial and error before you become the expert.

Most will quit.

Hence, the problem with attraction marketing for network marketing, because the idea here is to build a downline – people who YOU SPONSOR who can become just a successful as you.

So what is direct sales online and how is that different from attraction marketing?

In a word (or a few)… anyone can do direct sales online.

This is because now there are systems in place with capture pages and sales videos already created for you. I tried using my own “God-given talents” out on attraction marketing back in 2010 with an “MLM attraction marketing system”. I can remember watching the first training video…

“The way to marketing success online is that you simply become the expert.”

My head was spinning like a washing machine.

“BECOME THE EXPERT?” I thought. I struggled with this and tried – copying sales videos from the experts in the hope of becoming the expert.

But the bottom line was… well, my videos JUST PLAIN SUCKED.

These days I’ve resorted to making short face-on videos from my cell phone for online video marketing, because it’s quick, easy and something that can be done on my lunch break.

The most popular direct marketing websites now-a-days use techniques both from attraction marketing and direct sales. The idea is to attract people to your website or blog with use of keywords or tags – so the people who wind up reading your stuff are actually people who want to listen to you.

(This is a REAL breath of fresh air if you’re an “old school” marketer and accustomed to chasing down your friends and family!)

However, the follow up is “direct sales online”, because your leads are directly introduced to what you have to offer by the use of a direct marketing email list. Many successful internet marketers actually skip the attraction marketing part altogether and use solo ads, or professional emails sent out to a list of leads purchased online.