Marketing has the greatest potential for a huge income of all industries. 97% of Network Marketers will fail because of lack of knowledge. The 3% that succeed do so in a massive way. When you promote a product by sending emails, distributing leaflets or calling consumers by telephone, it is called Marketing.

There are different forms of Marketing. Below are several different business models:

Mail Marketing – This is the most common type of Marketing. The Advertisers make a list of people who might be interested in a certain product and they send a letter by post to each one to tell them about the greatness of the product. This type of Mail Order Marketing is very expensive when you think about the cost of stamps and posting charges. And there is a delayed or no response.

o Email Marketing– This is the most important and the most productive type of Mail Order Marketing. The business owners send emails to a selected group of people to promote their product or services. The good thing about this type of Marketing is you get immediate response, negative or positive. And if you send emails to 10 people, there is a certainty that at least 3 will answer positively.

o Door to Door Leaflet Marketing – This is the most utilized form of Marketing. It is very common among small businesses like a schools, fast food, beauty parlors and computer services shops etc. The Advertisers concentrate on then needs of the local people. It is not expensive also. There is only the cost of the printing material, that’s all and you can let people know that something new is taking place in their locality.

o Telemarketing – This is the quickest form of Marketing.  The businesses contact the consumers by telephone present their offer and that’s it. Yes or No. In many countries the government has created “no-call list” to save the consumers from unnecessary calls. This can be a very effective form of marketing if you learn what works.

o Voice Mail Marketing – This type of Marketing gives a human angle to Marketing. Voice Mail has a pre-recorded message giving detailed information about the product or service being offered. If this is something the consumer likes then he has the prerogative to contact the business owner back and completing the transaction.

o Television Marketing – This type of Marketing is immensely popular and productive. The Advertisers develop short Films (just 30 seconds long) promoting their product which are very interesting. We are all familiar with these commercials.  Another form of TV marketing is the infomercial. Usually they are one half hour long and are quite informative. Detailed information is given along with contact numbers to purchase the product.

o Direct Selling – This type of Marketing gives employment to many. Direct Selling is when a salesman comes to your home with their product. They perform a demonstration to show you how the product can enhance your life. This is a very effective of Marketing. You get a quick response about your product, but it is very labor intensive.

o Consumer Direct Marketing – This by my opinion is the Cadillac of marketing. It is most effective with consumable products. You make one sales presentation and set the consumer up to purchase directly from the company from that point forward.  The company then tracks all purchases of that consumer and forwards the commissions to the right representative.

Marketing has many benefits. Apart from a quick response, you can track many customers at one time. You can purchase a product from home or if you are in doubt about a product, you can call for a demonstration. I have greatly benefited from Consumer Direct Marketing for over 16 years.