The first part of this series was actually called “MLM Lead Generation: What Kinds of Leads Should You Be Marketing For?” But in view of the fact that how to find your top prospects, aka your target market is the main goal of the second part in this 2 part series, I tweaked the title just a tad.

To get the reply to that question, let’s go back to the basics of effective marketing, which is actually about two things:

1. Marketing a product to folks who either already really desire it or truly require it.
2. Positioning yourself as a Leader and a Solution Provider. (This is for you folks who are utilizing Attraction Marketing, which is the philosophy ALL of the MLM lead generation techniques on my blog are based on.)

With MLM lead generation, you don’t want to come off as a sales person, but as an authority who provides solutions to folks who are ACTIVELY searching for what YOU have: YOUR TARGET MARKET.

Using that line of thinking, who should you market your retail product or service to? The answer to that problem is simple: persons who have already paid for a similar product or service before, or folks who are actively seeking out your product or service right now. If you don’t stick to that rule, then it’s pretty much just a roll of the dice.

All right, let’s break this down for MLM lead generation, and then bring it all together for a crystal image of what I’m talking about. By the way, all of this info comes straight from Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring.” I didn’t invent this attraction marketing method, but I sure as heck follow it, BECAUSE IT WORKS! So where were we…oh yeah, so for us, as network marketers, the only people who are in our core target market are those individuals who have already been in network marketing before, those people who are in it right now, and those who are actively buying info about it – not just asking about it.

(Mike actually goes into great detail about six target markets in his “MLM Traffic Formula,” but we’re just talking basics here.)

In other words, the people we want to market to have invested in a home based business at some time – other networkers. And what’s the reason for doing that? I’ll give you four sound reasons:

1. Network marketers already believe in the MLM business model.
2. Network marketers have previously spent cash on the MLM industry.
3. Network marketers have a deep longing to succeed.
4. Network marketers are willing and eager to use/buy anything that will help them succeed.

The goal here is to “sell” to folks who already purchase what you are offering. You only sign up individuals who really want to be signed up. Quite a concept, isn’t it?

I believe here is a great place to throw in a story to illustrate what I mean, one of Mike Dillard’s analogies taken right from his book:

“Let’s say you have come up with a steak dish that is considered pure perfection – The cow raised on the purest feed in the world and cooked by a team of world’s greatest chefs before your very eyes…Flavor worthy of $100 price tag for just 8 heavenly ounces.

But, it just so happens that you’re a cook at a vegetarian restaurant. As you might guess, despite all of its merits and applause, you couldn’t give that perfect dish away for free to the diners at a vegetarian restaurant.

They’re not in your target market.

On the other hand, you could walk next door to The Steak Baron’s Inn, and within 10 minutes the dish would be sold out. They might even dedicate a full page of the menu just to your example of beef perfection – And you’d make some serious cash!

If you want to make your life easy, make a lot of cash, and have fun doing it, stay within your target market: network marketers, and those looking to buy into network marketing!”

Wow, that paints a really clear image, doesn’t it? It’s important to keep in mind here that this only works because you’re utilizing an effective method of advertising or promotion (whether free or paid), and you ARE NOT promoting your primary business. If you advertise your MLM in order to generate leads, you WILL lose money! Who cares about YOUR opportunity? There’s a good chance they’re already in one!

So now that I know WHO to advertise to, WHAT do I advertise to them??? Well, lets go back to the two basic components of effective marketing that we covered at the start of this article:

1. You market Yourself as a Leader and Problem Solver, and
2. You market a Product that the people you are marketing to either truly Want or really Need, which in this case is your Marketing System.

What are the two things that all network marketers need? More customers and more business builders. So what do all network marketers need? A solution that provides those things for them and someone who can show them how to do it, which translates into a Leader and a System. That’s “what” you market, and they are “who” your market to. That concept should be the focus of your MLM lead generation strategy!

Then finally, you bring your MLM opportunity into the picture. Only after marketing your “How” do you market the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” of your company.

So make certain you are consistently developing yourself and make sure that you are utilizing a system that pulls all of this together for you and then automates it, like the system I use. That system, complete with funded proposals to help you generate income from the 90+ percent of the traffic that comes to your site that ARE NOT interested in your MLM opportunity, is the solution that your target market is searching for. And it’s that same system that you will plug your MLM team into as you build your MLM business.

If you aren’t using a system like that, FIND ONE! Do your research, actually call or email folks to get more information, and then put it to work for you and your team. Just make certain you do your due diligence first, to furnish yourself and your team the best opportunity to generate a life-changing MLM income.