MLM is an abbreviation of Multi Level Marketing. Multi level marketing is network marketing. Network marketing is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives (reps) to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods. The rep can recruit other reps to do the same. Rep one will receive a commission on what they personally produce and also a commission on what the other reps in their downline produce. By building a downline a network marketing rep can now have more time for themselves as their work has now been leveraged. This is the bases for network marketing residual income and the start of living the dream.

How Do I Become Successful In My MLM / Network Marketing Opportunities?

I am sure you can appreciate that success does not come easy. Just because you have joined your network marketing opportunity that does not mean you are going to be wealthy one year from now. To be successful in anything you have to invest your time, be fully dedicated and give consistent effort. Ask Usain Bolt how he manages to be such a successful world class athlete, I am sure he will tell you it’s not just by turning up on track day.

What I am about to tell you works for all network marketing opportunities. The principles are the same. Whether you are building your business online or offline, you have to be yourself.

People buy from or join people who they can relate to or who they are getting value from. So you have to make YOU the sale-able asset and not the product / service which you are supplying. You have to brand yourself so people want to willing buy from you, join you, follow you and recommend you.

Alongside branding yourself is marketing yourself. As a network marketer you have or will be acquiring a lot of business skills which you can freely pass onto others. These business skills will be very valuable to people and other businesses. By providing this valuable information as part of your marketing, you will attract people to you, and the value of YOU the brand increases.

There are hundreds of ways to market any network marketing opportunity on and offline. I suggest you find two methods which you like doing to start off with. Learn these methods. Apply them daily to your business. Master them. Then teach what you have learned from doing these methods. Do not focus on the results of your activity. Focus on doing the activity consistently. The results will follow.

The Focus Is On You Not Your Product.

As you will see the key to being successful in network marketing is not how good the company is, or how good the product or service they provide is. The key is you and how you market you.

Imagine for a moment you network marketing company unfortunately goes bust, or they change the compensation plan which is no longer beneficial to your needs. If you have a downline which is focused on the company, you will all go down with the sinking ship. Your dreams will be over. If you decided to move to another company, you will have to start all over again building your business from scratch. Doom and Gloom!

Now because you have branded you instead of focusing on your company. You can move to another company, inform your team of your move. Because your the brand which they brought into they are going to follow you onto the next opportunity. This means you wont have to build your business from scratch all over again. The power or branding you is the most powerful network marketing success secret. Add great marketing skills to that and you are well on your way to being a very successful network marketer.