Viral marketing is the new buzzword in the world of internet marketers. The use of viral marketing is not a new concept, it has just gained importance since social media networks took the internet world by storm. Using email services to advertise your products, services, or to broadcast a message has been used quite often, and is still in use. Email service providers have started providing spam services, which filter out all the unwanted mails. Viral marketing essentially boils down to getting people interested in what you are trying to tell them.

Making People Feel Something
Getting your message across to create an emotion isthebasic aim that you are trying to achieve. Nevertheless, the question is how to do that? The most important trick in viral marketing is to create an emotion. You must express your opinion or idea with passion and commitment. You must get people to notice your product, service, or message and display an emotion about it.

Do Something Unexpected
If your message is just another sales pitch, people will not react to it and will just ignore it. Just by saying that your product is great and better than competitors’ products will not generate any interest or reaction. Don’t try to sound or make your product look cool; this is a well trodden track and does not help a viral marketing campaign. Something unexpected and unique will create an impression and generate an interest, and this should be your focus.

Advertisement Is Not Viral Marketing
People who think viral marketing is just about showing a good advertisement are very wrong. Bragging about your product won’t help, as everyone does it. Telling a good story is a vital strategy of viral marketing. People get interested in the story and when you mix what you want to sell, people will remember it.

Making Sequels
If your initial campaign makes a good impression, follow it up with a sequel. A number of companies fail in retaining interest, as the sequels do not keep up the interest. Therefore, a sequel should be carefully thought through, and made. Your primary aim is to keep people interested.

What Next?
A viral campaign that does not let people give feedback is useless, as you don’t get a chance to see what people are saying about you. Blogs are a great way of getting comments from viewers. The more comments you get the bigger database you will have of users’ opinions. These will help you in designing your future campaigns. Don’t restrict the access to blogs. People don’t like to share personal information; therefore, asking people to register will drive both, positive, and negative criticism away from your website. Remember people want to connect and you must allow them to do it easily.

Allow Sharing
Allowing people to share is what viral marketing is all about. Therefore, make sure you freely allow people to download the content. People download content to share it with others, and this is exactly what you want. The more your campaign’s content is shared, the more will be the interest generated in your campaign.

If you follow these strategies, your viral campaign will be successful. Viral strategies are a tool; if used properly, can make your campaign a lasting victory.

Radek Kotlarek is a recognized SEO Expert based in Limerick, Ireland. He has a very solid background in SEO, social media, project management and web application development at technical, engineering and management levels. Radek is involved in various successful Internet marketing projects and is co-founder of Web3.

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