In this new era of CAN-SPAM legislation, overflowing inboxes and ever-increasing customer expectations, many of the practices that worked for emailers in the past simply won’t work anymore.The companies that can boast the most effective email programs today have been successful because they’ve completely overhauled their way of thinking . They have changed their strategy from blasting to an unsuspecting audience, to communicating with a willing and increasingly loyal customer base. According to Darwin’s Theory those who are most fit will survive the competition. Recipient’s inbox is no different. To make an email program succeed and thrive , marketers need to constantly evolve their email programs to improve relevancy. Many of the lessons learned when email was in its infancy remain as valuable today. But a lot has changed. Email marketers are now operating in a radically different environment. Customers are far more sophisticated than they were a few years ago, and they have come to expect much more from the companies they interact with electronically. Without change of mindset or without understanding the new context, both brand and customer relationship are at a risk.

To succeed in the new world of email marketing ,it is needed to move away from the old assumptions and adopt a new way of thinking. Rather then asking, “How big is my list?” ask , “How engaged are my recipient?”. Instead of asking, “What does my subject line say?” ask “How am I building my brand over this series of campaigns?”.

This article gives a focus on the new approaches to email marketing.


Do you have a product or service to sell? Are you tired of promoting and getting nowhere? Are you interested in increasing your sales by 1000%? Are you sick of getting counter offers in your inbox? Are you looking for something with money back guarantee? Are you going from one safelist to another cutting and pasting your ads? If your answer is yes, then the solution has found you. What is the solution? Targeted email is the most direct and powerful method of marketing on the internet today. Targeted, Safe, and 100% Opt in. There are potentially millions of buyers waiting for your products and services…


E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. In its broadest sense, every e-mail sent to a potential or current customer could be considered e-mail marketing. However, the term is usually used to refer to:·

Sending e-mails with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant with its current or old customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. ·

Sending e-mails with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing old customers to buy something immediately. ·

Adding advertisements in e-mails sent by other companies to their customers. ·

Emails that are being sent on the Internet (Email did and does exist outside the Internet, Network Email, FIDO etc.) Researchers estimate that as of 2004 the E-mail Marketing industry’s revenues has surpassed the $1 billion/year mark.

Miscellaneous Email Marketing Advises Email is one of the most personal advertising medium ever invented. Here are four of the many ways you can improve your email marketing results. Spread the Word Get others to sign up for your mailing lists with their consent. Spread the word about your mailing list through word of mouth. The beauty in this is that the list of emails will be self-screened and the database will only contain the people who are interested in your offers. Make sure you have their consent beforehand.

You don’t want to risk losing reputation or SPAM penalties. Persistence Before the internet, they used to say it takes around 7.3 impacts to make an impression with an ad. Today I would guess it to be over twice as high with the internet present. Make sure you are reaching out to your clients at least once a month in emails or other medium. Just because you emailed a list of people and had little or no response does not necessarily mean your audience isn’t interested in your product. Experiment with different emails, get to know which email strategy works best, and keep using it to reach out to your audience.

They Want Useful Information Emails should contain something that the customer wants. It shouldn’t be just a summary of your company or your resume. Focus on giving more than just what you sell. Specific content, messages, and other targeted information that interests your customers are good to include. For example, if you were selling makeup, you may want to include advice on how to apply the makeup or any makeup in general. Make Sure Your Audience Reads Your Emails Graphics, Flash animations, logos are often blocked by email filters. Although they look impressive on an email, they will often lower your impression statistics. I recommend using flat text with hyperlinks to your site. Once they get to your site, you can show them as many graphics as you want. Although some businesses have both a plain and a rich text edition of their email, for starters, stick to the plain text.