The internet is abuzz with Niche Marketing these days, and for very good reason – it’s an efficient, effective, and excellent way to bring any product or service to market online. But have you ever wondered, Hmm – What is Niche Marketing… exactly?

This article will look at two niche marketing examples that will help you better understand the concept and why you might want to consider niche marketing for your online business. But before we dive in, a few definitions are in order. A simple definition of Niche Marketing is: marketing that targets a specific portion (niche) of a larger market – it’s simply a small slice of a larger market.

And that’s Niche – capiche? Excellent, let’s move on!

As an example let’s consider the very large general market known as: Health and Wellness. Health and Wellness is a great example because it breaks down into many excellent niches. Health and Wellness is enormous and if you are selling a product online that can be categorized as a Health and Wellness product – you are going to be in for some stiff competition because that market is already owned by a handful of multi-national corporations with huge budgets and enormous clout.

As a home business owner you will never make a dent in Health and Wellness – you simply don’t have the budget, or the time. So – how do you make a success of your online business when you are up against such a huge and competitive market? Simple: find a niche and go to town focusing your efforts on only that niche.

There are many niches within the health and wellness which you could focus on, such as: Heart Health, Diabetes, Joint Health, Children’s Health, Senior’s Health, etc. Simply choose a niche (one that doesn’t have too much competition – but has enough demand) and focus there (you may well have other products outside of that niche, but focus only on one niche – you can incorporate other niches later).

So instead of focusing all your effort on Health and Wellness in general, focus on only one small aspect of health and wellness: Hearth Health, Joint Health, Diabetes, etc. (which ever niche you decided upon).

Niche marketing is perfect for any home business because it positions you within a larger market in an area where there is much less competition and where you can actually make a dent and earn a profit.

Another niche marketing example can be found in the Cars/Automobiles market. If someone had an online business that revolved around the reselling of cars or some aspect of the automotive market, it would be a poor choice to focus their online marketing efforts on the entire Car/Automobile market.

As with Health and Wellness, the Car/Automobile market is too large and far too competitive. To succeed within this enormous market you would have to drill down into that market to find a niche that you could compete in, perhaps: Antique Cars, Classic Cars, Classic Car Parts, Classic Chevrolets, or some other small area within the Car/Automobile market that encompasses one aspect of what it is you bring to the market.

Again, the process is simple: Identify a niche within your market that has good demand and once you have identified a competitive, in demand niche, simply focus all of your marketing efforts (article marketing, email campaign, PPC, etc.) towards that niche. In this example you could focus your marketing on Classic Car Parts or Classic Chevrolets rather than on the larger market know as cars or automobiles.

As far as marketing your home business online is concerned, niche marketing is more efficient and certainly far more cost effective because rather than targeting an entire market where people may or may not have an interest in your specific product or service, you can make the most of your marketing dollar and effort by focusing on a small segment of a larger market – a small segment that is comprised only of those who do have an interest in a specific product or service.