Most of the companies around the globe have already been leveraging the outsourcing techniques since 1980’s. Though it is not popular that time, the benefits given to the company is significant enough that it almost becomes a trend to every business sector. Most of the common reason for outsourcing is to achieve lower production cost with high quality result. Outsourcing also helps the company to focus in their core businesses and competences. Since then on, most of the big companies are subcontracting their payroll and benefits and sometimes even the mass production of their products are being entrusted to outsourcing.

This becomes a common practice of most of the corporation that even the marketing side is now shifting to this principle. Although outsource marketing is relatively new, there are many benefits that are already been taken down even before this strategy came out to market. Many questions arise with how and when you should outsource your marketing, but I think this is one of the strategies for a more cost effective and quality advertising.

There are many benefits a company can actually get once they choose to outsource their marketing strategies. Here are just some of the benefits that you can actually get with outsource marketing.

o Juicy and quality content – this is one is one of the best parts in outsource marketing. The company that will be doing the marketing for you can focus on the contents for your advertising. In that way, they will be able to create three times better from what you have in mind. You will be sure that what you will get from them is just quality and juicy content that will surely enhance your advertisement.

o Fresh and Innovative Marketing Ideas – This may seems easy since we have access to different tools for our own marketing ideas but if its not your expertise you will just exert more time and effort but might only come up with not so good advertisement materials. Good thing about outsource marketing is that they have pool of talents who are expert on this field. Their experience and expertise will surely lead them to more innovative and fresh ideas to satisfy their customer. Most often than not, they are aware if this marketing materials will work for your company or not.

o Customer Leads – This is also one of the good things about outsource marketing. One of the most disappointing parts of advertising is when you really have a good materials but nobody seems to care about it. The very main reason why we do advertise is to attract people to buy our product and it became so frustrating when you invest so much and no one seems to notice. With outsource marketing they will help you lead the way to the right people who will need your products. Good materials plus the right people to see it will surely be a hit!

o Access to talent – outsource marketing companies has pool of talents dedicated for marketing. Once you get their service you will have unlimited access to their talents. You can get the best guy to do the marketing materials for you without adding to the cost.

o Cost Saving – this is the best benefit you can get and this is the very first reason why companies do outsourcing and this is no difference from outsource marketing. You will get someone else service, and then get the results you want in much cheaper price.

What I mentioned above are just some of the benefits of outsource marketing and there are still a lot more. But of course, just like any other things, outsource marketing also have disadvantages. Some of the common disadvantages I seen is the fact that marketing company maybe bias during their research and company who are doing outsource marketing might lost their personal touch which might affect their customers’ retention.