There are two differences between online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Marketing your website online can be done through different channels, with this I mean paid listings and natural search results. Paid marketing is done via advertisement on the Internet and the most popular providers in the moment are Google AdWords and Facebook.

With AdWords you can display text links in Google search and search partners. There is also a possibility to display banner and video ads and distribute them on sites of your choice which you can select manually via the Google ads network.

Facebook is also a popular marketing tool which provides sponsored advertisement and display your ads on the right side with text and a small image next to it. With Facebook you can target your audience by interest, age, female or male and many more option. This differentiate Facebook from AdWords and both are widely used worldwide by marketing companies.

Now that we have explained details about paid online marketing we will go further and explain more about SEO.

SEO is a method to drive natural free traffic from search engines to your website. Off course SEO will cost money as most website owners hire a search engine optimization company to market their website. However you will not be charged per visitor or per click and this will make your campaign much cheaper compared with paid online marketing options.

When hiring a search engine marketing company there will be a monthly service fee involved. This service fee will be used to make changes to your HTML code, create one way links through article writing, press releases and blog post to increase ranking of your website.

After positions are achieved you still will have to pay the monthly service fee to keep your website listed in those high positions. The work to keep your site listed will be equal as before and will depend how hard your competition is working and spend on their SEO campaign.

The make an online marketing successful you have use paid advertisement and search engine optimization and combine them both into a single marketing package.

Nowadays it is a must to include paid search engine marketing in your online campaign to keep ahead of your competitors and cover a larger area in the search results which cannot be all achieved natural.

Facebook ads can always be added at a later stage and depends on how much budget you have available.

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