It is easy to see that in the 21st century more and more network marketers will be turning to MLM prospecting systems to help them build their business. After all, a MLM marketing system is way more powerful than a DVD, brohure, or CD.

Corporate MLM companies usually offer a replicated website for their distributors but they are rarely any good and very ineffective. Corporate replicated websites are usually nothing more than a brochure that is branding them!

So, the question naturally arises, “what MLM marketing system should you use that actually works and increases duplication?”

Remember, the primary goal of any tool in network marketing is to increase duplication resulting in a bigger downline and a larger check.

Now, there’s a lot of network marketing systems on the Internet – I’m sure you’ve heard of a lot of them. The problem with most of these systems is that they are nothing more than glorified affiliate programs.

Basically, they sell you on the idea that you can generate leads by selling an eBook upfront and then back-end your primary opportunity to your prospects.

There are some MAJOR problems with these kinds of MLM marketing systems:

1. They are too complicated for the average distributor. Remember, network marketing is built around duplication. The foundation of duplication is SIMPLICITY. Most people do NOT know how to drive tons of highly targeted traffic to their website.

2. They only focus on recruiting OTHER network marketers. In other words, you are trying to steal people from other companies. This is very problematic because your business will never really grow without “fresh” blood.

3. They brand someone else. Your website should focus on you and your primary opportunity NOT on someone else and their affiliate product.

4. They redirect your focus into becoming an affiliate marketer. But, you are NOT an affiliate marketer (and you don’t want your team to be either)- you are a NETWORK MARKETER!

5. They suck at actually helping you to grow your primary network marketing business.

Alright, so if corporate replicated MLM websites are ruled out and all these other Internet MLM systems that focus on affiliate marketing are no good then what’s left?

Good question.

I built a downline of over 13,000 people from scratch in less than two years in my network marketing business using a marketing system. Through a LOT of trial and error I figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s a quick summary of key factors that I’ve found through “hands on” experience a good MLM marketing system MUST consist of:

– It must be SIMPLE. This is SO important. Your grandma has to be able to “plug in” and duplicate with it.

– It must be customizable and personalized. Most MLM replicated websites are not flexible. The system must be easy to customize and personalize for the average user.

– Team leaders need to be able to upload their own training, marketing, lead capture pages, emails, videos etc. for their team WITHOUT having to pay $10,000 to build a system from scratch.

– It must focus on selling your primary opportunity and NOT an affiliate product.

– It has to allow the average distributor to receive a commission for referring the system to their team (instead of all the money rolling to the top)

Until recently there really wasn’t a MLM marketing system that fulfilled these criteria.

The good news is that a universal, fully customizable, extremely simple marketing system has just been released (it’s creating quite a buzz in the MLM industry). Have you ever looked for a good marketing system with customized replicated websites that you can give to your team? Something that is so simple that anyone can plug into and get results?

Well, your search is over. See my bio for more details.

I’m going to give you one more valuable piece of information. It’s my litmus test for seeing how good a MLM marketing system truly is.

You always should ask yourself these three questions when evaluating any system for your network marketing business:

1. Is it simple?
2. Is it customizable?
3. Does it focus on selling my primary opportunity?

If you can say, “yes” to all three questions then more than likely you’ve found a winner!

Dave Vass is an expert internet network marketer that is interested in helping the average network marketer succeed by giving them the knowledge needed to use the power of the internet for the growth of their business.
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