The exterior of a building or structure is the first feature that attracts attention, and the materials used to decorate and protect these surfaces are of great importance. If you are looking for a more sophisticated choice than traditional exterior cladding, special marble varieties can attract your attention with the shimmering elegance they bring to exterior spaces.


Brown Marble Types: There is diversity among the brown marbles produced in Turkey.

Natural Elegance of Marble

Marble is considered the queen of natural stones and has been used indoors and outdoors for thousands of years. However, special types of marble used for exterior marble cladding in exterior spaces have gained a particularly great popularity in recent years. This is thanks to the exceptional aesthetic value and durability of marble.

 The reasons for the preference of special types of marble used for exterior marble cladding in exterior spaces can be the following:

    1. Shimmering Elegance: Marble is renowned for its natural lustre and special veining. When applied outdoors, it immediately becomes a striking feature of the space.

    2. Durability: Outdoor spaces are exposed to external factors such as temperature changes, rain, wind and the harmful effects of the sun. Marble is extremely resistant to these conditions and has a long life.

    3. Variety: Special varieties of marble can be found in different colours and patterns. This offers designers and architects great flexibility and helps to give outdoor spaces a personalised look.

    4. Increased Value: Special types of marble used outdoors increase the value of a structure or landscape. If you want to sell or rent your home or business premises, remember that the charm of custom marble varieties can help you in this process.


Areas of Use in Outdoor Areas


Special types of marble have numerous uses in outdoor spaces. Here are some examples:

    – Exterior Cladding: Special marble varieties are an excellent option for decorating the exterior facades of buildings.

    – Outdoor Floors: Marble can be a magnificent floor material for outdoor walkways, courtyards and terraces.

    – Sculptures and Decorations: Special types of marble are often used to create outdoor sculptures and decorative elements.

    – Garden and Landscape Design: Marble is ideal for garden paths, pool edges and other landscape features.


Turkey’s Special Marble Wealth


Turkey is a leading country in the production of speciality marble varieties worldwide. The Aegean Region and the Marmara Region are particularly prominent regions in the production of speciality marble varieties. Turkish marbles are famous for their diversity and quality.

exterior marble cladding

The use of special marble varieties in exterior marble cladding and floor marble cladding outdoors can enhance the aesthetics and durability of a structure or landscape. These special marbles are known for their shimmering elegance and durability and add a unique glamour to your outdoor spaces. Turkey’s marble wealth makes the use of special marble varieties in outdoor and other areas even more widespread. If you want to beautify or customise your outdoor spaces, you should consider considering special marble varieties.