There is hope, network marketing does work. Your upline wasn’t lying to you.

Your first year in network marketing or any business for that matter is always going to be one of the hardest. The issue with network marketing, particularly the first year in network marketing is the new marketer expects to enter the network marketing industry as a professional marketer.

You have been on the company training, been to a couple home and hotel meetings, read the hand book, listened to your uplines stories. Now fully armed with your new found knowledge you feel you are ready for this network marketing stuff. The first couple times you expect to get knocked back, rejected, but after the 10th, 20th, 30th time rejection becomes a bitter pill to swallow would you not agree?

Do you really know all there is to know? Have you been trained enough? Is there more you can be doing? Is there a SMARTER way to work?

Lets look at it this way. If you decided today that you wanted to become a brain surgeon, do you think after attending some hotel and home meetings, reading a book and listening to some stories from a brain surgeon friend of yours that this is going to qualify you enough to become a brain surgeon in a week or months time? No I didn’t think so. Now even though being a network marketer isn’t as involved as brain surgery there is still a lot to learn if you want to be a really successful network marketer.

So lets break down what network marketing is.

Your roll as a network marketer is to market your product or service to your network. Think to yourself right now, how big is your network? Who does your network consist of? Family, friends, co-workers, hobby buddies etc, I am sure you already have this list. How many people from your immediate network (list) are really going to be interested in your product / service or would like to join you in your business venture? If 50% of your list (and that is being very generous) want to join or buy from you will the income they produce give you the lifestyle you are after? I am sure the answer to this it NO. Your network is too small to fulfill your dreams.

Doom and gloom over. I am sure you have had enough of that for your first year in network marketing. The solution to your problems is simple. Get a bigger network to which you can market your product / service.

How big can my network be?

As big as your product / service will allow. If your goods are globally sold, then the world is your oyster. If your goods are only in your country, then your whole country is who you can market to.

How am I going to market to the rest of the world?

You do it ONLINE. The internet is the most powerful marketing tool ever created.

That’s my network problem solved. Now how do I market to them?

Great question. There are literally hundreds of ways to market. Some you will be glad to know are free, such as Facebook Marketing and Article Marketing, some you have to pay for such as pay-per-click, banner ads, advertising on other people website and so on. I would strongly advise that you find one, two max marketing methods your happy with. Learn them, consistently apply what you have learned and master those methods. Once they start bearing results then your can proceed onto other marketing method.

If your first year in network marketing has been full of struggles I am sure you now have a new boost and ideas on how to make your second year more successful. If you have just begun your first network marketing year you could use this article as a short cut to your success.