Online Internet business marketing is here to stay and grow. As more and more people take to the Internet, marketers have to get innovative in using the Internet as a medium to be able to capture the attention of the consumers and deliver the messages, products and services.

All of the Internet media programs carry an element of marketing in them. Every time you open a general website what captures your mind is the flashing advertisement banner. These happen to be one of the most popular methods of Internet advertising marketing. Website designers and hosts charge the marketers on a PPC basis for such advertising. PPC refers to Pay per Click. Every time a visitor clicks on the advertisement, the website gets paid by the marketing company for the transaction.

Another common Internet marketing model is the Internet emailing marketing. The Internet enables you to reach directly to the consumers and elicit a response from them. Therefore well drafted emails with customized marketing content works effectively to be able to reach the target segment directly.

Affiliate Marketing is yet another Internet Marketing model. This concept has caught on very well in the Internet marketing segment and is extensively being used by Medium Size and Small Size companies for their marketing and sales management functions.

An affiliate marketing company is a third party service provider who runs his own e-marketing programs and online marketing activities and markets your products to the target audience. They run many sales programs aimed at building customer loyalty to their website and help customers bring in other referrals too. Affiliate Marketing has been necessitated due to the vast base of consumers.

Besides using the normal Internet marketing methods of advertisements, banners, emails etc, these sites often get very innovative and create a buzz around a new product or concept thereby attracting more and more visitors.

They build product reviews and ratings of the product reviews by users thereby engaging the customers with the product they are marketing and hold their interest.

You can also see a lot of reward programs managed by such affiliates wherein they reward you with a small gift for referring the site or visiting particular product sites etc. Extended customer loyalty programs are designed and managed to ensure customers keep visiting the website and accumulate bonus points which can be redeemed or exchanged for a gift or a scheme.

Affiliate marketing companies generate and direct a lot of traffic to other websites of their partners and product companies and vice versa. The best Internet Marketing Case Study in affiliate marketing can be the case of which successfully patented the affiliate program of its agents and associates being able to place links in their websites directly to the Amazon site and earn revenues every time a customer visited through such links and purchased a book.

This is very basic introduction into some of the easiest and most profitable business models for your Internet marketing business. There is a lot more you need to know for you to be able to apply them and run a successful Internet marketing business.