Back in 1998, when I fist got started in network marketing, marketing your business online wasn’t really heard of. Back then, we built our business the “old fashioned” way, with in-home presentations, weekly opportunity meetings and hotel functions, and the way we gathered new names to add to our list was by talking to strangers and asking them if they’d be open to taking a look at a business opportunity. Honestly, we did very well and built a high six-figure income doing it that way. BUT, it was incredibly brutal and because not too many people were willing to go through what it took back then, we lost a lot of people through sheer attrition.

Fast forward to 2010, and it is a totally different ballgame. Because of technology, there are countless tools a network marketer can leverage to build their business. Things we didn’t have 12 years ago, are being used by smart and savvy marketers today to build and explode their businesses. The most obvious, and significant, medium that has affected the scope of network marketing is the internet. As I mentioned earlier, early on, the internet wasn’t even heard of. Today, people do everything on the internet – watch movies, pay their bills, book vacations, do all their shopping, sell products, buy homes… even find the people they eventually get married too. If the internet can do all of this, why can’t it be used to build your network marketing business? Well, it can and it can do it very well. In fact, marketing offline has some very distinct advantages over offline marketing. Now, this doesn’t mean that offline marketing doesn’t work. But, in my opinion, leveraging the internet to build your business can potentially cut your “success curve” to a third of what it would have been.

When I first got online to build my network marketing business, I was overwhelmed at the amount of information there was about building a network marketing business online. This information-overload is what causes confusion with new online marketers. Simply put, most new online marketers don’t understand the four phases of marketing, so they run around trying to do 10 different things and getting minimal results. By understanding the four phases, you can turn your business around and start exploding your network marketing business to heights you never thought you could.

Here’s a basic rundown of these four steps in order. It’s critical to understand that they must be done in order to achieve maximum results:

1. The first step to marketing online is getting your website system and sales funnel in place. This is where most people drop the ball. They start marketing without having a good funnel in place. This is like going out and putting out commercial for your store, and you don’t even have your store up yet. Understand that if you want to succeed online, you must do this step first.

2. The second step is driving enough traffic to your website. Now, that your website and funnel are in place, you have to get people to visit it or it won’t mean a thing. There are a multitude of ways you can drive traffic to your website. The key is to pick one or two methods and implement them until you have at least 100-200 visitors a day to your site.

3. The third step is generating leads by obtaining information from your website visitors. This is done by creating an opt-in form on your website, or webpage, where visitors can submit their name, email and phone number. By building an active subscriber list, and focusing on list building, you are now working on your most valuable asset as an internet marketer – a list of highly responsive prospects who like, know and trust you.

4. The fourth and final step is getting on the phone with people who request more information and closing them into your business. The beauty of this method is that you are only getting on the phone with people who actually asked you to call them. Unlike when you call people who you’re trying to pitch on your business, calls to people who want you to call them usually result in a new team member or new customer.

The question you want to ask yourself, assuming you want to use the internet to build your network marketing business, is what step are you on? Whatever step you’re on, implement that step properly. For example, if you haven’t completed step 1 yet, do not do anything else before you go back and setup your funnel properly. If you’re on step 2, and your getting less than 100 visitors a day to your website, put your attention to traffic generation so you can drive your visitors up to 100-200 a day. If you’re actually generating a few leads but you’re still getting less than 25 leads a day, go back to driving traffic to your website. As you can see, there is a logical and sequential order to this simple success formula.

Marketing your network marketing business online can be very lucrative and rewarding as long as you take the time to setup your system and do it the right way.